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Welcome Back To The Troubadour, Texas Show #001 WET TV

logoTroubadour Texas is a journey into the lives of some of today’s most talented singers and songwriters. A unique look behind the scenes and into the lives of todays Troubadours. Men and women who are living the dream… others  who are chasing it. Some  perform to sold out crowds. Some are just hoping to catch a break. Some of these artists have written hundreds of songs. Others just a few. Most of our artists who are living the dream have enjoyed numerous number one hits and when they perform the audience sings along. Some artists dream of having a hit song; of experiencing that moment when the crowd knows their music and when it happens… it’s big. Making it in the music business is about more than talent… it usually takes a team – managers, musicians, money and a whole lot of determination to never look back. This is where the music, the passion and the journey begin.

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