Jim Rose Remembers Radio September 6, 2013


TOP BRITISH TV HOST EXPIRES In 1962, iconoclastic British broadcaster David Frost hosts a satirical look at the news on Saturday nights in Britain known as That Was the Week That Was. In the United States, the show briefly appears on NBC TV. The program influences The Daily Show and the Weekend Update portion of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. David is best known for his interview of former President Nixon in 1977 after he resigns from office in disgrace. On Saturday, August 31, 2013 David Frost dies from a heart attack at 74 on board the cruise ship MS Queen Elizabeth, on which he is a speaker. Sir David Frost hosts an Al Jazeera English program which begins when the network launches in November 2006.
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DIAL GLOBAL BECOMES WESTWOOD ONE As we recently report in JRRR, Cumulus buys Dial Global for $260 million. Syndicator Dial Global’s racehorses include the NFL, NCAA and NASCAR also talk show host Dennis Miller. CEO Paul Caine admits the name Dial Global tends to draw blank looks. Before he assumes the role of Dial Global CEO, Caine is chief revenue officer of Time Incorporated magazine publisher. Since the 1970’s, Westwood One is a huge brand in radio. What a small world! In 2011, that is the radio network with which Dial Global merges. Caine sighs: Having to explain who we are sometimes creates a level of what I would call friction. We haven’t had a strong calling card, coming in, of who we were. That’s why, as of today, Dial Global is renaming itself Westwood One.
IS IT THE END OF THE TRAIL FOR RADIO DISNEY? Variety reports that Disney has a for sale sign posted at seven of its medium market radio stations. Two of Radio Disney’s radio stations on sale both go dark. Radio Disney notifies the FCC that KPHN-1190 Kansas City, MO and KDIS FM (99.5) Little Rock, AR both suspend operations. Could a previous owner return to the Little Rock market? In 2002, Loretta Lever sells KYFX FM to Disney for $2.56 Million but then takes Disney to court to have the sale overturned. On July 31, 2013 Lever, who operates KYFX FM as Urban AC (Foxy 99.5) until 2003, registers www.foxy995.com. One of the Disney radio stations up for sale in TX is KRDY-1160 San Antonio.
BARRETT GETS NO MONEY In 1959, Motown pianist and singer, Barrett Strong, keeps us moving and grooving with his hit tune Money (That’s What I Want). On the lawn outside Motown Records’ former headquarters in Detroit, MI an historic marker honors the crucial role that the tune Money plays in building the Motown empire. Barrett’s hypnotic piano riff in Money that he records in 1959 was the first national success for the label that came to be known as Hitsville U.S.A. But his name does not appear in the copyright documents for Money which is Motown’s first national hit. Over the years, Money produces millions of dollars in publishing royalties. But Barrett Strong, who first records Money and is a writer of the tune, says that he has never seen a penny of those profits.
TRIVIA QUESTION: What Russian scientist is widely regarded as one of the Fathers of Television? The answer appears below.


•KTTH-770 Bonneville Talk Seattle, WA marks its 10th anniversary of The Truth on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. •KEN MATTHEWS exits mornings  on WAEB FM Allentown, PA for WHP-580 Harrisburg, PA. •MAX MEDIA sells six Arkansas radio stations to EAB: KCJC FM, KCAB-­980 Dardanelle; KWKK FM Russelville; KVLD FM Atkins; KVOM-800 and KVOM FM Morrilton. •CLARK HOWARD Dial Global/Cox Media Group syndicated host releases his 10th book, Clark Howard’s Living Large For The Long Haul, how to live below your means while still living life to its fullest.


•1954 WINS-1010 NYC begins playing Rock n Roll on the Alan Freed Show on September 6th. 1963 GARY BAKER songwriter (John Michael Montgomery’s I Swear) born on September 8th in Niagara Falls, NY. •1977 PAUL BURKHARD Swiss composer dies at 65 on September 6th. 1980 JOHNNY LEE’s Lookin’ For Love is his first #1 single in Billboard Country on September 6th. •1990 TOM FOGERTY rhythm guitarist in Creedence Clearwater dies at 48 on September 6th of tuberculosis in Scottsdale, AZ. 2000 JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY’s video The Little Girl premieres on CMT on September 6th.


RED JONES [ex KILT-610] (Carrollton-Tallapoosa, GA) Subject: time. Thanks for the h/b wish. My b/d was the 28th; my wife’s the 31st. But it was all part of her in the hospital for 13 days and is now at home under hospice care. cancer. Pray for her. Thanks for all you do. Red Jones; Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame.
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BILL HILL [owner of KSET-1300 AM] (Beaumont-Lumberton, TX) Subject: Cable penetration. Hi Jim: You might go to the TV web site and check out cable penetration, market by market. I think you will find it interesting. It’s below 50% in some markets and is just over 50% in others. Satellite reception is growing. With HDTV, quite a few homes are taking it off the air. Lots of other options, too. Best wishes to you. By the way, I turn 81 next Saturday. 63 years in radio and television. Still sort of at it. I am the principal of the licensee company of KSET. Station is LMA’d and I am only involved as license holder. Bill Hill
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DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad prod] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Here’s The Stretcher Brothers Labor Day Show. As most of you probably know, my bud, Eye Lipson, and I do weekly shows on Radio for the Blind. We’ve also recorded some Holiday Specials including a two hour Christmas Show. However, we’ve also decided to do shows for holidays that aren’t often featured in the media, like Labor Day. This is an hour that we wrote and produced last year that was very well received and will be entered in an international competition this year. There’s content that explains how Labor Day began and what it means now, but there’s also Stretcher Brothers fun and some great music that should bring back memories of years past to most of you. No obligation, but if you have some time, or folks over to barbecue, crank it up and enjoy. Don Sundeen (https://app.box.com/s/8f23058ca5daea8be0b2)
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CHUCK DUNAWAY [former DJ on WABC-770, KLIF-1190, KBOX-1480 & KILT-610] (Houston-Katy, TX) My first radio gig in 1952 was at KBST in Big Spring and the minimum wage was 65 cents an hour. Because of my age the manager had to contact the wage and hour board to verify I could work 60 hours a week for minimum wage. I remember that as if it were yesterday as I had to pay for room and board etc. I was all alone with no car in Big Spring and on a strict budget of which $8 a week went for a shared room and one meal. Fortunately I could walk to and from the studios. My take home pay left no room to wiggle and I had to have those 60 hours each week to make it. Some weeks I got fewer than 60 hours. It was tough, but a good lesson learned on survival. Chuck
TRIVIA ANSWER: Russian scientist, Vladimir Zworykin, who creates the iconoscope and the kinescope, is widely regarded as one of the Fathers of Television. Russian native Zworykin (1889-1982) studies under Boris Rosing at the Petrograd Institute of Technology. Vladimir emigrates to the United States and became a citizen in 1924. Zworykin works with both Westinghouse and longtime leader of RCA David Sarnoff to develop the electron microscope. RCA’s Sarnoff sees the potential for a nationwide network. In 1926 he develops the first national radio network that he names the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).
JIM GOUGH [‘Mr. Texas’-movie actor-voice actor] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1228) August 26, 2013 [Monday] I noticed my old friend Frank Dobbs was mentioned in your last newsletter. He and Mike Cusak started a film company called MFC Films in Houston back in the 1980’s. I did many a spot with Frank as director. He was a hard dude to work with but very professional! Jim Gough
JIM SPUR [former KXYZ/WJPR/WTLO/WMOR/WTAP TV/WDDT/WJKY] (Houston, TX) Subject: R.B. Jim, So sad to hear of Robert B. McIntyre’s health issues. He is a hero of mine, and I can still hear him say, with all the authority of God…”R B M, 20, 20 news” Jim
TROY BUSSELL (Houston, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1230) September 02, 2013 [Monday] Thanks Mr.Rose! Happy Labor Day weekend to you and family! T. Bussell
W. C. FIELDS (January 29, 1880 to December 25, 1946) After two days in hospital I took a turn for the nurse.
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