Thursdays Likileake: Got Money?


This Likileake: Got Money?


taylor-swift-got-milk-10Got Money: We have all seen those clever TV commercials and billboards called, “Got Milk?”  You must admit they get your attention.  I have often wondered why on the doors of those MUSIC ROW offices they don’t have a sign that says, “Got Money?”  You know in your heart of hearts you have the talent, the drive, the creativity, but you also know you don’t have any money.

If there was a sign on the entry door saying, “Got Money,” perhaps we would have a few less extremely talented artists feeling badly about themselves and their craft.  If only the industry would once and for all stand up and say if you don’t have money we can’t do anything with you.  Is that so hard to say?  It seems easy enough.  It is not a tongue twister.

Somehow singers and songwriters are left to think they didn’t succeed because they weren’t good enough.  How sad for the ignorant people out there that think artistic talent is the key to success.  Of course if you know how to sing it is a big plus.  However, it is not the answer to the final exam.

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