Thursdays Likileake: Amoeba Parasite Killing People


This Likileake Talks Amoeba Parasite Killing People?


Christian Strickland, 9, and Courtney Nash, 16, caught the brain infection after swimming in warm, stagnant water

Amoeba parasite killing people: Stagnant water swimmers beware.  An amoeba parasite that thrives in warm stagnant water was recently discovered in Florida.  Apparently this amoeba enters the body through the nostrils undetected.

By the time the systems of nausea, headache, and high temperature occur it is too late.  This amoeba eats brain tissue and is deadly.

Oddly enough, drinking water contaminated with this parasite does not cause the patient to be infected.

It is recommended if you swim in water that is stagnant that you wear nose clips and keep your head above water at all times.  So much for diving.

The only swimmer I have ever seen that keeps his head above water at all times is a dog.  Are you ready to go for a swim?


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