Judy’s Notes: From Singer, Songwriter, Judy Welden




Thought I’d send you a quick update on my surgery.  It went really well. I was in very little pain and was discharged with pain pills.  Have just taken one and am in no pain at all now. It’s amazing how quick they do this type surgery!

The doctor took out two lymph nodes (along with the cancerous part) to check them for cancer.  He’ll be letting me know the results of the lab work on Friday. I have an appointment to see him next Wednesday.  I have two incisions.

Everyone was so nice to me at the hospital. That makes it easier too.  I need to do some special exercises and so far have no meds.. except for pain, which I don’t think I’ll be using for too long.  After the report is in Friday.. probably will have some meds to take.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been praying…  the prayers worked; that’s why I had such an easy time there. .. and I have faith all will go well with the tests also. I’m very grateful to y’all!!!

Judy Welden

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  1. Judy, many prayers were answered for you around the world. Happy for you that the surgery is over. with many hugs and continued prayer. Rhon

  2. Very glad to hear about your success with the surgery.Please keep us posted.
    Steve Adkins

  3. Congratulations on a good surgery and I expect a great recovery…I know The Lord is good to you.

  4. Judy, so glad you did so well and that the procedure is over. My thoughts and prayers are with you…you are family…music family …and we stick together. My best to you for a speedy recovery. Donna

    • Thanks so much, dear Donna! Yes, my music family truly IS family. So grateful we all stick together and
      pray for each other. Thanks for responding with such good wishes! Blessings, Judy