Fridays Likileake Americans And The Disability Act


This Likileake Talks about Americans and the Disability act


312px-Braille_closeupAmericans with Disability act: A gentleman who has been blind since birth recently placed a story on FACEBOOK that I have to share with you.  His wife and he recently stayed at a major motel chain.

Since the Americans with Disability act requires Braille signage on all rooms, he seldom if ever gets lost walking from the lobby back to his room.

As most of you know there is Braille signage on elevators also.  However did you know there is Braille signage at drive thru ATM’s?   This particular motel they stayed at much to his dismay had all of the room numbers posted incorrectly.

Now bear in mind the Americans with Disability Act does not require the Braille signs are accurate.  It only requires that the signage is there.  My concern is after hearing about this how many other facilities have posted Braille signage that is wrong.

The Men’s room and Ladies room are a couple that comes to mind.  How about hazard or radioactive zones in hospitals?


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  1. I’m sure this might be the first time most people have even thought about the Braille beside the doors in Hotels, I never dreamed they could be wrong!
    Likileakes is a 10 min. Show with some great info. on it. Some serious & some funny stories. They include
    Songs written by different songwriters. Frans Maritz from South Africa & Keith Bradford work together to make this a very entertaining show. I personally love it. Tune in to NBRN.FM daily to hear these great Likileakes.