Wednesday’s Likileake: Do You Have A Restroom?


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This Likileake Wants To Know If you have a restroom?


woman_drivingDo you have a restroom: It seems like a beautiful blonde woman driving a red convertible out in the country, needed to go to the restroom.

She pulled into a small convenience store that had a couple of gas pumps out front that actually had a young man willing to pump the gas for you.

Of course this is a rarity these days but what happened next is priceless.  She drove up to the pumps and said to the boy, “Pardon me but do you have a restroom?”

Billy Bob thought she said Wisk broom.  He said, “No but if you’ll back that thing up over here I’ll take this air hose and see if I can’t blow it out for you Ma’am.

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