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This Likileake: People buy what they want not what they can afford?


helicopterPeople buy what they want not what they can afford: I recently watched a man buy a remote controlled helicopter in a shopping mall.  He walked past a stand where a young man was operating a remote control device to make a toy helicopter fly all around the potential customers.

I guess you could call it an impulse buy or purchase but I couldn’t help stare at the 3 young children by his side.  Their clothes were dirty and the oldest one which was about 6 years old had shoes on her feet that looked like they were gotten from a dumpster.

It is easy to see that this man thought that buying that new toy was more important than getting new shoes for his daughter.  My immediate thoughts turned to an article I had read a long time ago that talked about the fact that people buy what they want and not what they can afford.  Of course the article was talking about purchasing a home that the buyer knew they couldn’t afford but bought it anyway.

I see people every day driving around in brand new cars and trucks with close to five hundred dollars a month payments attached to them.  I personally want a lot of things but a payment book is not one of them.  How about you, do you buy what you want or what you can afford?

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