Have You Visited WHISNews21 The Last Year ?


WHISNews21 is still a baby: We only started this news service a little over a year ago. No one knew about us and just about no one visited us in the first few months we opened. WHISNews21 was started as a platform to help Independent Artists get their news out to the world. However, Independent Artists do not really seem to need a platform to get their news out to the world as very few of them, whom we now call friends, take advantage of this free service to them. Luckily for WHISNews21, there were other people interested in sending their news and articles to us. We have made many new friends worldwide and some have become personal friends due to our business relations and without their help and support, we would not have been able to make WHISNews21 a success.

WHISNews21 gradually moved forward, with a lot of work, dedication, sleepless nights and hundreds of cups of coffee, maybe even thousands. We managed to get our visitors from zero to almost 100,000 in little over a year. We expect to break the 100,000 barriers before the end of the month thanks to the wonderful people who have decided to support our online news by visiting us more than once a day every day Monday to Sunday.

We have also never asked for any funds to support our newspaper and have funded everything out of our own pockets. Therefore we have never had the need to answer to anyone or should I say a sponsor as to what we publish, which makes us truly independent.

As we are a family-friendly online newspaper we also respect the laws of God and Family and keep our articles as best we can, good and clean and fresh. Although we have published some controversial topics, we do not believe in wrapping a story in beautiful wrapping paper to make it sound politically correct, we pride ourselves on telling the truth and never intentionally publishing anything that is not true.

Finally we would like to thank each and every one of you very much for supporting us over this past year and hope that you will keep on visiting us  during our second year. We want you to know that we cannot exist without you so when we say thank you, to you all, it comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Below is a printout of our latest visitors list it is a country order just for your information, and please don’t compare us to CNN or AOL we are just WHISNews21.

Frans and Cathy Maritz

www.wildhorse.co.za  The Home Of Independent Artists

www.whisnews21.com  Wildhorse Independent Superstars News

The Picture above is about 10 years old (lol)

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  1. Thank you , Frans and Cathy, for all your hard work We are just starting out with our gospel music and feel so blessed to have made friends like you, all over the world. We receive your emails every day with news stories and they are very informative, interesting and enlightening. Congratulations on a terrific first year and we wish you many more!
    Warmest Regards and God Bless You
    Rick and Maureen

  2. I’ve always been grateful to you both for all you do to help not only artists & songwriters (as originally intended) but
    every one in the world. Those who read your newspaper are truly blessed as we all learn sooo much! I’m so busy
    (and always behind) with email that I don’t have time to respond to everything, but I find it all very enlightening and
    positive (even the horrendous ones about S. Africa, as you’re only telling the truth). I’m very, very impressed when I see all the countries (represents viewers) on your list. And the fact that you did this in one year! It’s no wonder y’all drank 1000’s of cups of coffee and endless hours putting this all together and building continually to make it even better. I’m extremely happy and blessed by all you’ve done for me personally and will always be very grateful. I’m very pleased y’all are coming to America next month. Hope that is still on! Praying that this year will find even more
    folks visiting your attractive site and reading your very interesting newspaper…. Blessing and many hugs, Judy

      • You’re sooo very welcome, dear friends! You never cease to amaze me with all you do and have done in such
        a short time. I know God inspires your work and gives you the strength to do all you’ve done; He will continue to
        guide and strengthen you in the future. May He bless all you do!!

  3. Franz and Cathy, very happy to see you put this out, and I am now sending to our very large internet list . I love being part of your website with my 2 columns. I get unbelievable amount of comments about the articles I write. Bob and I visit your site daily, and feel you put out an extremely interesting, diversified site, with extreme amt. of information for the music industry and other folks. You work enless hours, (we don’t think you sleep even)…. thanks for all you do, and looking at the amount of countries and seeing the high figures, we are immensely PROUD of you and the other folks that participate on your site. May it continue to get more and more visitors. Your amazing !YES you deserve a triple A for keeping this site informative, interesting, and your Christian love showing through the way you manage it, Rhon and Bob