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I always wonder with so many people needing INSPIRATION what can I do to encourage them.  Wanting to help I go and watch many  INSPIRATIONAL Pastor’s programs on T.V. our own Pastor’s sermons at our local church , read The Bible, Inspirational books, and guess what I get inspired myself.  God ALWAYS gives back when you reach out to others

Author of :  “Become A Better You “
Pastor Joel Osteen also a terrific author !
Pastor Joel is one of my favorite Pastors, and his books are truly Inspiring, they line up with God’s word, and has a different slant than many other Pastors. The wonderful thing of being immersed  in writing a column I get many blessings, and thankful for this time in my life to have this opportunity on Frans Maritz’s web site http://www.wildhorse.co.za/home/ . Years ago I wrote for the U S Gospel News, until it’s CEO Paul Boden died, and no one took over this terrific Godly newspaper.  I missed it, loved meeting many of the Gospel artists & GROUPS as I interviewed them, went to conventions and got blessed in many ways.  I even was able to Judge different award shows.
Now on to my column and featuring a section from
Pastor Joel’s book
“Become A Better You ” 
Do YOU want to get more out of life?  Who doesn’t, right?  Okay try this:  Get up every day and rather than trying to be blessed, do everything in your power to be a blessing to someone else.  If you will do that for six weeks-trying to be a blessing to someone every day– your life will be filled with so many blessings you won’t be able to contain them all.
I’ve discovered that if I meet other people’s needs, God will meet mine.  If I make somebody else happy, God will make sure that I’m happy.  Every day, we should look for opportunities to be good to people.  Maybe  you can buy somebody’s  lunch, give somebody a ride if their car is giving them problems, , baby sit somebody’s children. Young couples need some private time to be together. Don’t make the mistake of living selfishly.  That’s one of the worst prisons you could ever live in.  YOU were created  not to be focused only on yourself. God made you to be a giver. The best way for you to be fulfilled is to get your mind off yourself and reach out to others.
Wake up in the morning with the attitude, WHO can I encourage, who can I inspire.  Where is there a need that I can meet?  DON’T miss an opportunity to do something to help another have a better day.
Simple ways of reaching out to others:
On the freeway, when traffic backs up, let that car squeeze in front of you.
At the grocery store when you have a large basket full of groceries and the person behind you  is carrying  just a few, let him or her go ahead of  you. 
 In the parking lot, when you pull up to that last spot at the same time as another car, back up  and  let another person have that space. Prefer them over you.
Pastor Joel added a true experience that happened to him and his wife Victoria: They went to a restaurant where they had eaten a number of times before. They practically knew the menu and knew what they wanted. Joel was hungry and anxious to get served. They both ordered right away. Getting Joel’s food took what seemed forever.  He waited and waited. It just didn’t make sense. The restaurant wasn’t even busy.  When the waitress finally brought Joel the order it was incorrect. Their waitress returned the food to the kitchen, and it was another long delay.  Finally, Joel got tired of waiting and he began eating off of Victoria’s plate. It was the worse service they ever had in this restaurant.
When it came time to pay the bill and leave a tip, Joel said he thought, “God now You just saw what happened”.  He thought and I know you are a just God…Surely You don’t expect me to leave a good tip.  Almost immediately, he knew he was wrong. He thought “Okay, God how about 5 %.  He learned you don’t negotiate with God, because You will lose.  He thought once again “Okay God how about 10 % or 15 %?  That’s the going Tip . But he still did not have a peace about that.  He knew God was saying “Don’t miss this opportunity to do good. Don’t miss this opportunity to show my mercy”.  God he thought wants us to be good to people even when they’re not so good to us.
Joel eventually changed his attitude and thought, “I’m just not going to give this girl  a tip,        I’m going to sow a seed in her life. I’m going to go the extra mile and be good to her…. they       left a twenty-dollar tip for a thirty dollar meal.  But they did it as sowing a seed.
A few weeks later, he received a letter from that young lady. They  had no idea that she       had recognized them. She had given no indication that she knew Joel and Victoria. The letter began by asking, “Do you remember me? I’m the girl that waited on you that was probably your worse restaurant experience ever?” Joel smiled and thought he knew exactly who she was. She went on to tell how she had been raised in a good Christian family. They went to church every Sunday, but in her late teens, her family was hurt by a leader in their congregation.  Somebody did them wrong.  Consequently, the entire family had given up on God and dropped out of church.  Over the last year or two, however, they had been watching  Pastor Joel on television. The waitress related in her letter, “I told my parents I know those people are real. Something on the inside tells me they’re sincere and we need to get back to church”.  She continued, “Joel when you and your wife came in the restaurant, and we got your order all mixed up, most people would have really gotten aggravated and upset, but you two were so nice and kind.  On top of that, you left that big tip.”  She said, “That confirmed what I already knew in my heart.  I went home and told my parents what happed, and now we’ve gotten our lives back on tract, and we’re worshiping the Lord at Lakewood Church every Sunday morning.”
If you want to feel good….start planting SEEDS OF GREATNESS !
Don’t wait till tomorrow , it could be too late….


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  1. Your column today is terrific, as usual. I agree wholeheartedly with everything.
    I also love Joel Osteen’s writings. Glad you are back home.. and wish you a blessed
    and restful weekend! Blessings and hugs, Judy ♥

    • Thanks so much Barbara, been out of town, just saw your post. Have a blessed week-end, hon