Irene A Champion Living In A White Squatter Camp


For all who are following our work with Irene, the 15 year-old runner who lives in a White squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa, here’s the news:

On my last trip I went to a school regional track meet where Irene ran in both the 800m and the 1500m races.  She won Gold in both.  I also discovered that she runs barefoot, as do most of the children, because they can’t afford shoes.  The shoes we made for Irene were customized since she has no toes.  They were stolen within days by a drug addict in the camp.  He sold them so we can’t get them back even though we know who he is.  So now she runs with no shoes.

irene03This is where Irene lives.  They eat when there is food.  They bathe where there is water.  But they praise God everyday for what He has given them.

I was told that Irene’s time in the 1500m was 4:48.  The world record for 15-year-olds is 4:00.  She is doing very well.

I also found out that she is in a Special Ed school.  I don’t believe this has anything to do with her abilities.  I think that as a result of the trauma in her life, which we are still investigating, she simply cannot cope with regular classes and in South Africa, the solution is to send all these students, regardless of the real issues, to Special Ed schools. Unfortunately, this turns out to be baby-sitting, not education.  So, one more issue that we must address with Irene.

Please pray for her.  We are doing what we can, thanks to many of you, but the problems are much deeper than we thought.

irene02When Irene was a child, boiling water spilled on her feet.  She lost most of her toes.

For everyone who is following the story about Irene, please read.

1.  I will be back in South Africa in about 10 days.  I am planning to see Irene and her family and do more interviews and video

2. IF YOU MADE ANY CONTRIBUTION toward Irene’s needs, PLEASE SEND ME A SMALL PICTURE OF YOURSELF so that I can show your face to Irene and she will know who it is that has blessed her.  Just send the photo to my email address (with name please).   DO IT RIGHT AWAY.

3.  Irene has had pneumonia, not uncommon for her living conditions, but dangerous at 14 years old.  She seems to have recovered after much prayer, etc. but please keep her in your prayers.  I have also learned that as a child she suffered damage to her rib-cage and needs now some support equipment.  It is amazing that she is such an athlete.  So I will investigate this when I get there.

4.  Irene won 2 gold medals on November 2 in spite of the above.  At God’s Table provided her with the registration support.  THANKS

I will give all of you a full report after I see her.

irene04Thank you so much for your compassion.

9 people now have made contributions to Irene’s running.  One person is following up on some other help and one couple even asked about how to get Irene and her family to the USA.

In total, we raised more than $2000 for Irene.

This will go into the At God’s Table bank account in South Africa and be used to sponsor Irene’s entry fees into races.

THANK YOU!  There is hardly anything more satisfying in the world than being the hands and feet of YHWH.

But Irene didn’t quit.  Now Irene runs – fast and far.  She is a champion long distance runner from a place that no one wants to admit even exists in a world where she is a complete outsider.

Each time that Irene runs, people notice.  Each time she wins, she moves just a bit further away from the victimized life of the camps.  Irene is running away from her poverty one race at a time until someone finally sees that she is a winner, an over-comer, a young girl who needs to be given a better opportunity to succeed.

Irene needs sponsors to enter these events.  The government provides nothing, not even school assistance.  But we can help Irene.  Will you join with the rest of the community to become a sponsor of a poor white girl in the midst of a racially motivated government?

Click here to Contact Skip if you want to help Irene.

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  1. My name is Lucas Van Der Merwe and I am businessman residing in Hartebeespoortdam SA – I will sponsor all Irene’s needs from medical , schooling and all athletic events. Please contact me and set up a meeting with her parents / Organization and myself ASAP.

    Best Regards

  2. Its so sad to see what this beautiful girl is going through, and In some ways i can relate as my family are also struggling and husband also cant find work and we also living in a caravan park which some people name it a white squatter camp, She has been blessed with a roof over her head, and gifts that she can run and do so well.Her family must be so proud of her, I have two small boys one is 3 and one is 7 and i get up every morning making sure that they have what they need even if it means i must sell everything i have as long as they have a meal and a roof,
    No blame can be given to anyone it is just a set of circumstances, God gives us these obstacles for a reason yes im still trying to figure out what my reason is to be in this situation but i dont blame anyone , i just try my best to get buy each day and say thanks for the blessings i have. So i cant donate anything as i to have nothing but i can say Irene you and your family are in our prayers and dont give up i know easier said than done but you at least have an amazing support system so be greatful for that and you will go very far. God Bless my girl and keep on winning!!!

  3. Irene don’t give up ever. Always believe in yourself. I too fell pregnant to my sweetheart at age 16 and motherhood is the best. But I just watched the interview you did years ago. And it touched my heart. I also just read the latest article about how you have a new addition to your young family. Happy for you. But you should maybe lisen to your mother and when your ready start back up and resume your dream and run your way out of poverty. You are truly an inspiration. I would love to help somehow. Am based in New Zealand. Sending Love to you and your family. God bless.

  4. Thank you for publishing this article.

    We would love to help Irene realise her athletic dream and passion.

    Please contact me

    • Is Irene still running, she must be 18 years old now ? Does she still need help? Contact details please , thank you

      • Hi, Irene fell pregnant and had a baby. She’s not running anymore according to Skip who interviewed her.She is still living in a squatter camp.


  5. We would like to sponsor Irene an apparel and footwear sponsorship for running and get closer to her. How can we make this happen? This young girl is inspiring.

  6. Please send me your direct email for me to make arrangements to assist and sponsor.I live in the UK. God bless you!

  7. Hi has everyone forgotten that Irene is not the only child in these horrendous conditions. what about the babies who use toilet paper because they dont have nappies? milk is a luxury. Medication is needed. Bless Irene she is talented and thank God there are people out there that want to assist. What i would like to do is open a non profit organization for donations, nappies, milk, wetwipes, medication etc for the babies and todlers in these camps. They are more fragile and dont have an option, are weaker and rely on this. All because the BEE crap these poor family suffer. lets help guys.

    • Melissa if you are honestly wanting to do this send me a press release with all your details and what you intend doing when and where and I will publish it if I feel in my humble opinion that you are genuinely wanting to help these children. every morning someone feels they want to help and every night those same people forget about the white kids who are suffering in and around South Africa. Remember people will only donate money to someone they feel they can respect, trust and most of all believe in.

    • Good Morning Melissa, if you would like in assisting all the others in need in Munsieville Camp please go on to our Facebook Page – WAS Foundation we do once a month a donation run there and try to see to all their needs, yes there is a couple of babies and we contribute what we can to them, we are a Charity Organisation please go and read up and contact us if you would like to join us.

  8. Hi I would like to assist and contribute. I would like to make a cash donation and also donate some clothes to Irene, what size is she? Shoes, shirts and pants?

  9. My final comment is that would we get excited over a poor black , Indian or coloured girl who is not pretty without any particular talent? if the answer is no then we have a societal problem.

    • Craig please don’t be racist about this, it does not suit you, and it sounds very false and liberal. I suggest you stop looking at color as it will destroy you eventually. Rather focus on the real problem here and that is Genocide. However as your comment does not surprise me, I do value it, thank you.

  10. The info and photos are a bit outdated. The photos are from Coronation Park, and the settlers are now living in Munsieville, a multi racial informal settlement – not whites only as the title suggests.

  11. this is an old, very old story. Irene has in the meantime left school and is a proud teen mom. Baby must now be 3 or 4 years?

    • Last I heard she became a mom. I delivered goods there a while ago and too be honest the last time my husband and I went the recipients were not very gratefull. My 5 cents.

      • Sulett if this is true at least you tried and you should be happy in your heart that you did, what more can yo do. Sometimes when we too much to one person their is a real good chance that they would start feeling like they don’t appreciate the goodwill anymore. But please don’t let your experience make you give up on all the white kids who need help in South Africa. You are a good person and if no one ever said thanks to you, we do even if its on their behalf. Visit us again we appreciate your comment

        • There is a project that is properly run by a lady by the name of Sunette Bridges, she bought a farm and gets people off the streets- helps them building houses, raise money with baking & crafts. They depend on donations – look up on fb- Sunette Bridges

  12. Please provide clear instructions on how to contribute with a secure bank account I can donate to.
    I am living in Vienna but grew up in SA and achieved Springbok colors in canoeing. I want to give Irene the same opportunity!
    Truly yours,

    • this is an old, very old story. Irene has in the meantime left school and is a proud teen mom. Baby must now be 3 or 4 years?

  13. I know Irene had a little baby about 2 years ago? Is the baby with her mom? They use to stay in Krugersdorp near the dam? Glad to see that she’s gone back to school! xxx

    • Where could a person visit Irene if we would like to go and help her and donate???

  14. The last news paper report said that she was pregnant and lost all her sponsors..So how is her baby doing? and did she actually go back to school?

      • This is an old story at least two years old , why the sudden interest

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

        From:”WHISNews21″ Date:Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 5:32 AM Subject:[New comment] Irene A Champion Living In A White Squatter Camp

        WHISNews21 commented: “Nick you question sounds very aggressive are you friend or foe?”

        • Tommy you are right this is an old story and if there is sudden interest it is because someone has discovered it for the first time. All stories on WHISNews21 are archived and stay there forever or as long as forever is.Thanks for your comment.

  15. My grandmother always advised me to use onion juice on my hair, but I thought it was a crazy idea. Blow drying can damage hair as can vigorous towel drying as when the hair is wet it is more elastic and vulnerable to breakage. The best secrets to great health is in quality, not quantity.

  16. We stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking at your web page for a second time.

  17. May God bless this girl, her family, her unfortunate camp she calls home, and all of the white South Africans living under that Nubian regime. I am so thankful to see all of the caring people on here that have poured their support on to this girl and all the people that have brought it to the attention to the world about what’s going on in S.A.

  18. ONLY GOD KNOWS:If it is a rugged false sounding society ― Undisturbed move the greatest calmness and tranquillity everywhere. Take the tired heart by peace. In every aspect of life, all worries are exorcised. Where ever you shall be. Lit the lamp.Be loving a With a broad smile to it. This gladdens and refreshes the heart. Just then, it is God. His calming word ― Can speak, and you could hear it too. The Word that brings healing and life.That endows Grace, To those who in a quiet place yearns therefore.

    • Who is this IRENE VAN NIEKERK thanking everyone? As I am related to the real Irene van Niekerk and know that nor Irene Jr or Snr have computers or knows how it works I am really surprised. Please contact her parents directly at or 084 8730 161

  19. One day when I am wealthy, I fully intend on sponsoring people like her. I wish I could now, but unfortunately, I hardly have anything myself. I wish her the best, and I hope her life works out, and I hope she gets to run for the Olympics. I’m not a sports person at all, but I know the Olympics is a big deal (obviously). One day, man. I fully intend on helping the people that need help.

    • Christina people are quick to judge, but miracles really do happen in todays world. Your dream could come true and if it does it could very well be another unnoticed miracle. You seem like a good person I will be hoping that your life takes a turn towards your dream.

    • You don’t need to be rich to help, you can help with what you have.If we all help with the little we have we will do wonders.If we wait to be rich we might never become rich.Its like waiting to be rich first in order to marry.You will either become a sugar daddy wanted for his money or attract gold diggers.We can all help with the little we have.

  20. Hi Skip,

    I don’t know if you know, but one of the big Afrikaans newspapers picked up the story from this blog on FB and did a feature on Irene, then one of the big Afrikaans TV News agencies did a story as well in the past week – the country fell in love with this girl and help from all over is flooding in … because of this blog.

    Kyknet (Afrikaans TV Channel) –
    Beeld (Afrikaans Newspaper) – http://f

    Thank you for making a difference!

    • Thank you Mart-Marie WHISNews21 did everything we could to help get Irene’s story but now we have to move on as she is being helped and that is all that matters. We can not help any more than we already have so it Is now up to the ones who have taken over do what they think best.

  21. What a sad story, I would like to take her into my house in Australia, give her the support she need and education.
    Love and God bless
    Hanna – AUS

    • Thank you for your willingness to help her. You are not the only one commenting here about wanting to take her into their house. She may well be in the care of very loving parents though. Judging by her interview, she is humble and full of faith and hope in God. Maybe there are other ways to help then wanting to remove her from her parents care? I don’t see it as a sad story. It is an uplifting story, because she relies on God and stands firm in her faith despite her circumstances. That is the amazing part. I bet many people in 1st world countries that have money and everything do not even have that hope, joy and peace.

  22. Luzette & Skip & whisNews21,

    I had a discussion with the members of my Masonic Lodge and we want to get involved not just for Irene but her family.

    As we have our own charity fund and resources we will not be working through the fund on Skip’s Web site.

    Kingly forward Irene’s parents contact details so our charity committee can make contact.


  23. This is so sad. I urge business men from around the country to open their hearts to assist.

  24. Dear Skip
    Thank you for sharing the story of Irene with the world! I am a white Afrikaans speaking South African lady. If you didnt bring Irene’s story to the world I wouldnt have know about her at all!!! For, in this country, the news media chose not to write about the plight of the poor white Afrikaners in squatter camps. It’s like a forbidden subject. Those brave enough who do so hardly ever follow up on their story.
    Then you came along, saw and did something!
    May God bless you and your work so that you may carry on for many years to come!

    • Agreed for your courage. Please note below my comment from above.

      it is not about not wanting to help but more so the honesty that goes along with it….i have no dought that my fellow South Africans will open their wallets to help…what bothers me though is the emphasis on “white”…why not just a little girl that needs help to support her in her daily life and help foster her talents?….furnish me with all the local account,bank,branch details,administrator, address of girl and her parents and what school she attends and her school principles details and the club she runs with and i will follow up and make a contribution based on all verified facts.
      Posted by Craig Anderson | April 24, 2013, 12:59 pm
      Reply to this comment

      Craig if you buy a new car, you want to know what color it will be, many South Africans are living in denial of their fate. I only tell the truth and I tell it as it is black or white. I am not afraid of the truth and if I have to be crucified for it , so be it. I have enjoyed this friendly debate with you Craig and feel that you are also very concerned, so I thank you. I will add a new article later today with all the details, that you may need.

      Posted by WHISNews21 | April 24, 2013, 1:23 pm
      Reply to this comment

      “In a perfect world that would be the best. The PROBLEM here is that many in the world and in South Africa mistake Black for good and White for bad. RACISM=RACISM White to Black OR Black to White. Until everyone can see past it there is a need to insist that Whites in South Africa are treated = to everyone else.
      The collapse of South Africa can be tracred DIRCTLY to the ZUMAS , TUTUS , and even Mandelas raping South Africa for their own benefit without regard to helping ALL South Africans – including their own Black poor.

      Mike Simons — lived in South Africa 2 years and attended Capricorn H S in Pietersberg in in the 1960’s

  25. The real hero’s are the ones that wanted to help Irene that was not looking for a reason not to help. Skip, and the lady from Kroonstad and everybody that tried to help Irene, thank you. I am prepared to take a white child into my house and give him a chance in life. My e-mail address is: if you may know of somebody. May GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • Yes, I agree with you regarding Skip, Luzette and Whisnews21 being heros for helping. Regarding taking her into your house, I am not so sure that is a solution though. To repeat my previous post: If you have seen the interview you will notice that despite her circumstances, she is a humble, amazing girl with a strong faith in God. For that reason I think that her parents must have done a really good job in raising her so far. She may therefore be in good hands remaining with them, since I am sure they love her and support her, despite their lack of money. There is an expression: “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” She doesn’t have money, but she is certainly rich in other ways, which I am sure is due in some part to influence from her parents. I guess I am saying that maybe you could find a way of helping her without uprooting her from her parents care? Like sending a donation to assist the people who already love her and care for her to have additional resources to do so.

  26. I agree with most of the comments on here with regards to just sending money, In my experience it never reaches the person it is meant for. If this young lady is in dire need My wife and I would happily sponsor her to enter the UK and live with us. We have already sponsored 1 young lady rescued from a drink and drugs situation at home.She now lives with us happily in the UK. Our only stipulation is that they commit to study and do the best they can. We have plenty Special Education experience. We will cover all the costs… Feel free to contact us at:

    • Your willingness to help Irene with more than just money is wonderful. If you have seen the interview you will notice that despite her circumstances, she is a humble, amazing girl with a strong faith in God. For that reason I think that her parents must have done a really good job in raising her so far. She may therefore be in good hands remaining with them, since I am sure they love her and support her, despite their lack of money. There is an expression: “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” She doesn’t have money, but she is certainly rich in other ways, which I am sure is due in some part to influence from her parents. I guess I am saying that maybe you could find a way of helping her without uprooting her from her parents care? Regarding the money not reaching her, I feel that the people involved her (Skip Moen and Luzette) have every intention of getting it to her directly. I see no issue there.

  27. For the doubting Thomas’ on here, if you dont believe the articles listed here, go read this from a reputable Afrikaans newpaper:
    Anything to help.

    • Thank you Wendy we at WHISNews21 who managed to bring this story to the world can now rest as the story has now been run by a South African National newspaper today. Even though we get no credit we did this for Irene, our efforts will go unnoticed but Irene’s life will change and that is all that matters. For all the non believers on this comment page maybe now that the story is in a national newspaper with Irene and her feet clearly showing you will all believe. We will continue to run updates from Dr Skip Moen, who was the first and only person last year who tried to tell the world about Irene and try to help her then already. Thank You Skip and Luzette for all your efforts, you are both heroes.

      • This is the way you do things WHISNEWS! You supply informative correct and sustainable information to your readers – ONLY THEN CAN WE ALL DO SOMETHING AND HELP. Thank you for posting the article and thank you to those who took the effort to do more research and get to the facts. I also did my research yesterday and found same facts to be true as stated in my comments too. It was merely the manner in which SkIp Moen replied that had me worried as to the intentions. But God Bless you all,

        • Thank you Heidie, we all try, and sometimes do things from the heart which is perhaps to be thought thru first, but I still have faith in people, and therefore my first thought is to trust them, but I understood your concerns. We are going to leave this all now as it seems that Irene is now getting the attention she deserves and hope that it will not all end once the press have exploited her to the fullest, as we only wish the best for her. All WHISNews21 ever had to gain out of all this was readers, and that also comes truthfully and honestly from the heart. We also had no idea this would have blown up as it did, the article we first published was just out of concern for Irene. Hope you will come back and visit us often Heidie as you are and will always be welcome her.

      • Lets not make this a cry-baby argument because WHISNews21 did not get any credit…. (You could have left that whole sentence out, but no you had to make sure it was said) Lets face it – we live in a world of corruption these days where reputation is everything, So I strongly urge WHISNews21 to keep at it and build up a reputable reputation, credit will follow…

        Then again on the other hand, charity is not about getting recognition or credit, it should go unnoticed!!! Unless you obviously part of the Rotatry Club which goes down the wrong path when it gets to charity.

        • Dman my head is not where your head is, you have read far too much into this. It all ends here for us, no Rotary donations, and no nothing. So please rest easy we did it, even though I did spend huge amounts of time on this, it is of no matter. However the truth is, it would have been nice for us if they had mentioned WHISNews21. Yet they did not, I think my comment was normal. You will notice this whole article is posted under “Höw Can We Help” and we did, so we are moving on. I will now have more time to attend to my normal duties, which also includes no money donations (lol) Great day to you Dman

  28. it is not about not wanting to help but more so the honesty that goes along with it….i have no dought that my fellow South Africans will open their wallets to help…what bothers me though is the emphasis on “white”…why not just a little girl that needs help to support her in her daily life and help foster her talents?….furnish me with all the local account,bank,branch details,administrator, address of girl and her parents and what school she attends and her school principles details and the club she runs with and i will follow up and make a contribution based on all verified facts…

    • Craig if you buy a new car, you want to know what color it will be, many South Africans are living in denial of their fate. I only tell the truth and I tell it as it is black or white. I am not afraid of the truth and if I have to be crucified for it , so be it. I have enjoyed this friendly debate with you Craig and feel that you are also very concerned, so I thank you. I will add a new article later today with all the details, that you may need.

    • The New World Order is in the process of destroying the White race…White South Africa and Rhodesia were just at the top of the list….(haven’t you NOTICED?)….
      Normal White people want to assist ONLY their… OWN KIND….
      I am NOT INTERESTED in supporting the negro savages who are committing murder ,rape and torture genocide on these beautiful White people….

  29. This is why I don’t give to charity in this country. All funds for charity goes goes to blacks and my money is definitely too white for such nonsense. If i can I would love to help but not by giving money to feed the greedy blacks in this country. But for helping the little white kids who can also not eat at night.I might even be able to sponsor a kid for schooling. But have no time to help a drunkard that knows his surrounding and still drinks out the only money coming in and then make more babies?????

    And by voicing my opinion about this topic does not mean I hate black people. I am a modern White Afrikaans speaking male (The lowest form of South African in terms of political correctness). In this country we have to make peace with the fact that we pay taxes that will never benefit us at all. So looking at this I refuse to drink anything from SAB and do not buy from woolworths. I do not support any racist organization financially and that sentiment is taking flight under young whites. Now imagine our collective worth was put to work instead of wasted out of hatred.
    Apart from this; I work and live with all cultures and my friendship criteria does not involve gender or race censorship.

    Stop making babies in the face of poverty. Instead educate the ones that are there already. That will be your only hope for the future. it will never get better and no one will help you but yourself. Remember the last time white people were destitute in this country was during the great depression. Before that 2 wars that were provoked by the English (Anglo Boere oorloe) and still after that we built this country strong enough to withstand the pillaging over the last 2 decades.

    ps. There is a lot of space for veggies to grow around those shacks/caravans. A couple of chickens around the place for eggs as well. Maak a plan en dink verder as julle lee beersies.

    • Thank you Eric, I cannot and will not argue with you as I also live here and I know first hand what is happening in South Africa. I am just worried that the people who share the Squatter camp with people like IRENE will eventually just give up, because no one cares. I know that the government is continually helping people out of the squatter camps with the money left over from their parties, but that will never include people like Irene and her Squatter camp family and friends as they are excluded from any form of government help due to their color.

  30. if Irene contact me I will sponsor a good pair of running shoes, I will only do it personally with her.
    my no is 0828250529 and e-mail: 0828250529

  31. with all due respect this sounds like a big ol scam…please supply details of all local people involved,school,physical adress etc…local bank details and name of the holder of such account.also give all the local telephone numbers and names of parents and all other references please

    • Craig, if you feel that way, an even though the contact people plus their web sites and emails have been published on WHISNews21, then can’t convince you. One thing I have found out is that it has come to our notice that some people are trying to contact this young girl so that they can exploit the situation. This is very harmful to this poor kid and therefore please don’t worry about her. I also know from speaking with Luzette they are not looking for anything other than getting enough money to keep her training and not to buy her and everyone else that knows her a mansion on the hill. Sometimes in life, and I speak of my own personal experiences, people will give to those who do not need assistance, and never help the ones that really need it. When we are judged one day, It may not be about how many people we helped during our lives, but the ones we did not help. Thank you for your concern but if you are doubtful then just do what your heart tells you.

    • If it sounds dodgy to you Craig then simply don’t give anything. Maybe God is not calling you to give. For me this is very clearly above board.

  32. Someone collecting money for someone (very deserving by the way) that they don’t know where she stays – sounds very dodgy to me – people should rather get directly into contact with the young lady herself

    • Hi Mr BigR, Thank you for your comment, however I would ask you to read the articles we published again. You must have missed something there. As for WHISNews21 we don’t want your money as we only highlighted this young girls unfortunate situation to the public by publishing her story. Then again I have always said if you have never been in a situation yourself and have never lived in a place everyone has forgotten, with no running water, electricity and sewerage, then being able to be contacted on a Verizon or telcom cellphone is not possible. Yet you have a point, it would be better to give directly to the young girl. But if that is not possible, then you have to either just forget about helping and carry on with your life, or you can entrust someone to give it to that person. So please go back and read the two articles especially the last one and you will understand that your comment does hurt people in some small way. It wont be me as I am only the person who published this article for all to see. You are never the less still welcome here on WHISNews21 and just for the record, some of us have been burnt so many times due to scams that we are and will always be distrusting even when the situation is real. Please try and have a nice day, I wish that for you.

  33. If possible, please give us more details on where in South Africa this family lives. I’m from Pretoria South Africa and would like to help!!!

    • I did ask all possible info regarding this- just to make sure this is not a scam. It seems all legit. I have sent mail to Skip who in return had put me in touch with Luzanne, Here is here feedback. You can deposit the money into the Nedbank account provided:
      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but our server on the farm was down due to heavy rains.

      As for your questions:

      It is one of those schools for special needs – I think Skip make reference to it in one of his artcles on his website: – seach Irene.
      The funds are for Irene ( not the parents) – especially to aid her in her running. Club fees, shoes, traveling expenses etc.
      Pastor Lourens Groenewald is trusted by her parents and he provides me with receipts. For now I oversee that the money gets to Lourens, but Skip ultimately decides on distribution.

      Irene’s parents Hugo and Irene van Niekerk are the camp administraters.

      Since most of the contibutors were US readers of Skip’s website we started by using his account. This will soon change:

      At Gods Table SA
      Branch 112436

      If you do make a contribution, please give your name and “IRENE” as reference.

      Thank you for your kindness and please feel free to ask any questions.


      Regarding Irene:

      Since this is quite a new venture for me, I am still in the process to register a fund for Irene as NPO as well as a separate bank account. In the mean while please make your donation to the At Gods Table SA bank account, with your name and IRENE as reference. At Gods Table USA is a NPO, but is only registered in the USA ( 501c3 non-profit organization).

      We are planning on a long term support for Irene, therefore we allocated a fixed monthly amount for now. It is priority to help pay for her running expenses such as club registration, travel expenses, shoes etc., except where funds are needed for medical reasons. Payments are made on the basis of receipts received.

      Also note that initial funds were raised to motivate Irene in her running, since this is what she loves doing and not to provide in all her needs.



      Aangesien hierdie vir my n nuwigheid is, is ons nog in die proses om n NPO fonds en aparte bankrekenig vir Irene te maak. Intussen maak ons gebruik van die At Gods Table SA bankrekening vir donasies. Sit asb jou naam en IRENE as verwysing. At Gods Table is n Amerikaanse NPO organisasie (501c3), maar moet nog in SA geregistreer word.

      Aangesien ons beplan om Irene oor so n lang as moontlike tydperk te ondersteun, is n vasgestelde bedrag maandeliks vir Irene beskikbaar. Die bedrag word eerstens vir haar hardloop uitgawes gebruik, behalwe as daar ander noodsaaklikhede soos mediese uitgawes is wat eerste aandag moet kry. Betaal van uitgawes is onderhewig aan kwitansies gelewer.

      Let wel dat die oorspronklike fonds begin is om Irene te motiveer en aan te spoor in haar sport en nie om haar as sulks te onderhou nie

      • Hi please could you send me the bankdetails as I would like to make a deposit ,

  34. She is beautiful. If she has acting ability as well, she could have a great movie career. My heart goes out to all the white South Africans who have lost jobs due to the current regime favouring colour above qualifications/experience. This is apartheid in a new guise. Private sector, create as many jobs as possible and offer these squatters hope!!
    Triste, Namibia

    • Triste the private sector is penalized for helping whites with jobs they loose their BEE status. So there is not much hope at all for people like Irene. Everyday another white family joins the ranks of the unemployed and soon after that they fall into the homeless and forgotten category. Sad but true. That is why when someone like Skip Moen comes along we stand and salute him. There are many Americans who are starting to notice what is going on here, another example is a Country Rock band from Texas called “TATTOO BILLY” who openly supports the Boer Cause in South Africa.

      • This is what happens when black people are running a country..You are showing the world that anytime you have black people running the show the country turns to sh*t……Coming soon to the USA..

      • I’m excited see white people are finally starting to speak out. Yes some here in America are taking notice to what is happening to white people in S. Africa.

        Multi-Culturalism is destroying our countries. We cannot continue to ignore the problem and leave it to our children. By then it will be to late.

        • Thanks for your comment Martin, you are right we are all too scared for some reason to voice our opinions. Yet everyone else does loud and clear, so I have made a decision that I will tell the world what is happening here and tell it like it is in black and white. I believe that as long as I tell the truth then people will understand and be sympathetic towards our situation. I don’t expect anyone to help, I only wish for people to listen. There are so many problems in the world today that everyone has their own problems, but if we all, no matter where we come from, always voice our opinions it may help in some small way. It’s keeping quiet that gives the devil his power.

  35. Try and look into getting Irene into University of Pretoria’s Academy! I think they would be very I interested in having her. My prayers go out to her and her family! Keep running girl!- you have the power to reach the stars!

  36. A really touching story.I would never live with myself if my kids have to experience this. Please post the bank details or a drop of box in designated areas so that some of us can contribute sumthing at least whether it be food, money,clothes etc. is this possible? A suggestion wud be tukkies or tut in pta west.I’m sure the officials wudnt mind.

  37. The FarmitrackerAid.Org NPO has been compiling a new comprehensive map of all the white squatter camps and the charities which administer them because the latest such survey dates from Solidarity trade union’s charity Helping Hand, whose researcher/journalist/photographer De Wet Potgieter and other researchers travelled all over the country to record these sites in 2008. The latest statistics were that 800,000 ‘poor whites’ were identified in more than 460 squatter-sites. This year, with the newly amended ‘Broad-Based-Black-Economic-Empowerment’ laws enacted by the ANC-regime, the vast majority of whites are no longer granted access to the labour market – men, women and even the disabled whites are denied jobs, government-survival-benefits, even food-aid and donations from private charities because the ANC-regime now requires from such NPO to be, in their jargon, 1000% ‘BlackEconomicEmpowerment (BEE)-compliant. In other words, any charity which helps ‘whites’ – which in South Africa usually mean Afrikaners – cannot receive aid from any NGO’s any more because the ANC-regime threatens to cancel their non-profit-registration-rights.
    The Afrikaner camps are different and often difficult to find to outsiders. They and their children are often targetted by black-racist ‘jackrolling’ (rape-and-murder) gangs and also by organised kidnappers. There have been many cases where kidnap-gangs tried to openly grab ‘white’ children from outside their schools: even the poorest white child has a high market value to the (usually Nigerian) slave-trading gangs.
    So the empoverished Afrikaners hide away more, and their camps are not the ‘traditional black squatter cities’ one normally sees in most of Southern Africa. Afrikaners tend to hide away in small groups tucked away in isolated marginal sites, often at mission-stations and other religious properties, in tiny municipal parks, while many thousands of others living in backyard shanties (a prime example is Pretoria North), in tents. overcrowded rental homes and many also live at agricultural smallholdings where little garden-cottages called “Wendy Houses’ have been turned into very inadequate family-homes, oiten in combination with small caravans and tents.’s mapping project has already identified 210 such sites with pockets of Afrikaner poverty since January 2010. We believe that the number of Afrikaner poor has risen from 800,000 in 2008 to at least 1-million by January 2013 – and rising rapidly. This project is ongoing and we encourage anyone who knows of individual Afrikaners and/or Afrikaner families who are destitute and need help, to post the information on the FarmitrackerAid map, located at : I also most sincerely hope that Pastor Skip Moen of “At God’s Table’ will combine their fund-raising efforts for Irene with the FarmitrackerAid.Org project – which already has a registered NPO inside South Africa and all the bank facilities. I am delighted that an American citizen with Pastor Moen’s stature is drawing attention to the plight of the Afrikaner squatters with such understanding and compassion. There’s a natural mistrust about any new charity in South Africa because due to the huge level of poverty, there also are many charletans and frauds who take advantage of people’s misery by collecting funds for their own families. I personally had such an unpleasant experience just recently when I was asked to support the start-up of a non-profit organisation in The Netherlands and was deeply disappointed. However I want to add that I continue to put my faith in the goodness of mankind. I stand 100 percent behind Pastor Moen’s efforts to help young Irene Van Niekerk ‘s athletic career. From all accounts, he has a good reputation in the USA, and is a widely-travelled individual with great compassion and a deep love for mankind. I hope everyone will give him their fullest support and spread his News! MAPPING PROJECT:

  38. I am not rich but also not poor, I am a ordinary man and I have a 8 year old son that GOD has blessed me with. GOD has been great to me, I have enough food and a house and a car and my son is in a very good Afrikaans Christain school. We live in Stilfontein between Klerksdorp and Pothchefstroom. I thank GOD for all my blessings. I am prepared to take a white needy child and raise the child as my own. Every child needs a fair chance in life. May GOD bless you all.

    • I think some are trying Ed, I don’t know at this point if I get any info for you I will let you know. It is difficult as these people don’t have internet and computers readily available, so it may take awhile for the right people to realize that so many people want to help them.

      • We are trying to catch up with the responses to this. But I am 10 time zones away and we are just 2 people, me in the USA and Luzette in South Africa. I am overwhelmed by all of you who want to help, and we need your help, but this is entirely grass-roots. There is no organization doing anything. Just us. Please be patient.

    • Yes, go to
      to start the process. I will ask Luzette Wessels to contact you here. She is in charge of all my work in South Africa.

  39. I have been trying, without any success, to contact Luzette, who is apparently in charge of this case… I can help. I am in Pretoria and would like to visit Irene and her parents to offer a solution to her predicament. I urge you to contact me on if you are serious about helping this girl.

    • Hi Sunette, this is the only email I have But I am sure you have already followed up on it. Please keep us informed as to any progress you make on helping Irene, as there are many concerned people who visit WHISNews21 who would like to know if Irene has been assisted in any way. Thank you and thank you for adding your assistance.

      • I sent my original e-mail to and was then referred to Luzette Wessels I have sent an e-mail to her and offered help, but received no response. I would like to visit Irene and her parents myself and offer what assistance I can. I urge Luzette to contact me.

    • I am sure Luzette will be in touch. Give us time. We never expected to get this kind of response and we are all doing this as volunteers. I am in America, so I can’t do much more than email, but Luzette will get back to you. Irene is on our hearts.

    • Hi Sunette. Haar ouers se epos adres pa se sel 084 873 0161 kontak hulle asb maar direk. Ek raak bloedrooi hoe meer ek lees dat mense wat vertrou word om hierdie kind te help en aan stuur van sake is nie doen wat hulle belowe nie. NIEMAND kry Luzette in die hande nie!!!!

  40. Fanie Van Heerden shared a link.
    about an hour ago

    Irene A Champion Living In A White Squatter Camp
    For all who are following our work with Irene, the 15 year-old runner who lives in a White squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa, here’s the news: On my last trip I went to a school regional tr…
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    Fanie Van Heerden I am a ex South African living in Canada( I was blessed enough to leave South Africa in 1998) My heart bleed for my people and the pain and suffering they have to endure. REMEMBER !! GOD ALMIGHTY might not take a way the suffering but HE will give you the strength to make it through each day.

    I would like more information about this girl and the squatercamp she live in. I will go to our local church council and seek help for her and the rest of the squatters in that camp. I can work with groups in town trough schools whatever it take, just help me get the relevant info.

    In the mean while I will start a prayer chain.

    What is the immediate need?
    How many live in the camp ?
    Who administrate the camp?
    I need contact info and any relevant information

    Please pray with us

    Thank you for you prayers and support

    May the GRACE of God our father, the love of JESUS CHRIST,and THE FELLOWSHIP of the HOLY SPIRIT be with all of us.

    Fanie van Heerden
    a few seconds ago · Like

    • Hi Fanie, the only email I have as a contact is the one that was on the article If you send money just make sure you know who you are sending it to do not just send money blindly get all the information you will need to make sure the money goes to the right person or persons. If the person collecting the money is genuine then they will not mind answering all your questions.

    • Dear Fanie,
      I don’t have all the current information since I live in America, but here’s what I know. We have paid for Irene to see a doctor only to find out that she had partial hearing loss due to multiple infections. So we got her to surgery to do what we could. Her immediate need is for a steady stream of monthly small amounts to assist with running expenses, travel, entry fees and food. We set up a fund through American and British contributions, but it wasn’t very large and will be exhausted without more donations. She lives near Pretoria, but I can’t tell you in which camp since the gentleman who took me there lives in the area and I just rode with him. Luzette Wessels is my operations chief for all the work and teaching I do in South Africa and I will ask her to respond to your request. Be patient. None of us get paid for any of this. It’s all volunteer.

      • Hi Skip, what the article does not tell me is whether there is actually anybody looking after her (parents, etc.). Do you have any more details about her. I live in Pretoria (although I’m currently on an overseas contract and will only be back at the beginning of July) but would like to help. I also used to do athletics at club and provincial level, have been involved in athletics administration at club and provincial level for the past more than 20 years and am a qualified IAAF coach, so I could perhaps also assist with the athletics, if she does not have a coach. If possible it would be wonderful to meet with her in July and see what her needs are and to address those specifically.

      • I live at Hartbeespoortdam , very close to Pretoria and would love to get involved and meet and assist this remarkable girl. Skip please ask Luzette to be in contact with me as well. Take Care Elsabie.

      • I would like to also help if this is Genuine.. Everything is very vague and what bothers me is ” Look at the highlights in her hair” Where does the money come to pay for that.? I just feel in my spirit something is not right about all this. Have been caught before.

    • Ter inligting: Fanie tussen 600 000 – 800 000 blanke Afrikaners bly in plakkerskampe.

      • Cyberjerk I am translating for the International visitors: Between 600,000 and 800,000 white Afrikaans (Boer and Afrikaners) speaking people live in Squatter Camps. In addition to Cyberjerk comment I believe that the figure has risen to 1,000,000 recently which makes it almost one third of the total white population in South Africa.

      • SUSANNA BOTHA if you can look closely you will see that she has blonde hair, its not highlights! I would also like to contribute if Luzette can contact me, thank you for all the help to all South Africans. God bless 🙂

    • Irene’s parents run the camp, They can be reached at Her dad is Hugo and mom Irene van Niekerk. Hugo’s mobile 084 873 0161

  41. I simply dont believe it. I looked at the picture of her feet. THEY LOOK TO BE THE FEET OF SOMEONE WHO IS NOT A CHILD. I would like to know more details of this case as we are compiling evidence of the genocide aginst white people in south africa. It does not witness in my spirit this story. sorry.

      • Magdaleen, Irene story was real, WHISNews21 concern was real, Skip’s offer to help was real, and as for your condemnation why did no one help Irene before, she was not born yesterday. It is only now when Skip offered to help that South Africans suddenly want to help.So we say, thank you to Skip as you should too, and we here at WHISNews21 are proud to of done our bit. I live in South Africa and have for almost 400 years and have always found our nation distrusting of each other, until that ends we will never be a nation. There are still good people in this world, don’t destroy them all……

    • her feet look like someone whose been barefoot a lot and seen a lot of abuse they look the right size for a girl, I think her feet fit the picture of a girl who runs barefoot and lost her toes .

    • Well Robin. I took the pictures myself, all of them, and I was right there. And then a few months later I did a VIDEO interview of Irene which I posted to You Tube. You can see and hear her talk about her life. And now we are making an even bigger difference in her life. So, get on board. Contact us at

    • If you had your feet burned and amputated when you were a child and suffered burns all up your legs, you might think differently. These are the real photos, not doctored at all. Stop trying to find some excuse for not helping her.

    • Dear André, it is very clear to me that you may have been disappointed one time to many. I feel sorry for you and hope that you will find peace in your heart before your anger and hatred destroys you. As for the Nigerian Scam, you are way out of line here. Even though your comments are appreciated, unless you have something positive to say next time please do not bother.

    • Andre, do yourself a favour and do some research, you will be surprised what you find out there. I have a friend who lived in a white squatter camp for months!! We never knew because she was too ashamed to tell us, but the things she can tell you is hair raising.

    • I can assure to the I am not Nigerian (another stereotype, I’m afraid) and that Irene is as real as they get. I am Skip Moen, you can Google my name and find out all about me. PhD Oxford University, founder of At God’s Table, a charity nonprofit in the USA. I met Irene by accident when I was touring the camps to see what I could do to help and immediately recognized her dangerous situation and decided to do something privately with my worldwide reading community. I never imagined it would go public. I travel to South Africa often to teach and will be back there in August, in case you want to come to one of the seminars. Please decide to show compassion only if you wish, but do not prevent others from doing so because you are skeptical. Go look at my credentials and see who you are dealing with.

    • Nothing nice or positive to contribute, then what you are looking for cannot be found here. Please don’t bring your negative attitude into this. Its about Irene and how she has the determination and faith in God to help her succeed. God bless

  42. We (South Africans in Australia) need to know- where can we donate money for this cause? Who will be the administrators? Name of the school this girl goes to. Telephone numbers/e-mail/name of the head master at the school? Will he be able to supply us with the bank details?

    • Helene I suggest you contact the mail that is supplied at the bottom of the article, and direct all your question to that person. WHISNews21 only brought this story to the attention of the world and we have nothing to do with the collection of funds. So please do not send us any money. I will be very happy if you can help this young girl in some way she looks so happy and sad at he same time, my heart just went out to her, even though I also do not know her personally. If anyone contacts me with more information then I will pass it on to you. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for still thinking about us back here in South Africa, as most of us cannot leave due to financial reasons.

    • Please read my posts above, and then get in touch with us at

      I started this work some months about with my worldwide reading community and never thought it would make the news. Now we have the opportunity to change everything. Thanks.

  43. It’s a shame about the title of your article (squatter camps are vile, no matter the colour – this is true for ALL South Africans). I have sent you an email……looking forward to hearing from you. Ally.

    • Ally why should I wrap this story in pretty paper, the truth is the truth. I cannot close my eyes to the genocide being implemented on the white population in South Africa. It is time that the truth is told there is hope for black people living in squatter camps but for white people living in squatter camps there is virtually no hope. While most South Africans live in denial this will continue forever. Thank you for your comment and I respect your point of view, but mine is to show the world what is going on here while everyone is ignoring it.

      • Skip, you will be blessed a thousand times for not only helping this girl, but also for informing your world about this genocide on the white population of South Africa.

    • You’re right that the squatter camps are a tragedy all over South Africa, but this one God brought to my attention, perhaps because it is such a shame to see how these people are treated by a government that should know what it means to be left on the outside. Anyway, rather than complain about the title, why not choose to make a difference? It’s really all about compassion, isn’t it. Doesn’t make any difference what color.

  44. GO GIRL GO AND SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE PROUD TO BE GODS CHILD ,,LOVE YOU EVEN I DON`T KNOW YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Great. Get in touch with us at At God’s Table South Africa and we will see that whatever you want to do happens.

      • It is so tragic to read this on facebook and someone from America has helped this girl (how blind an deaf can people be to the needs of other). It makes me feel ashamed that I am South African, this girl is living in these poor circumstances a little more than an hours drive from me. How did our hearts become so stone hard? I am also willing to drive to Pretoria and help this girl and her family. May God bless Irene – she is an example to all of us as white people in South Africa. She’s not standing @ a robot begging for money – she is actually running her way open (with a body that must be suffering with pain and discomfort). She makes me proud of being South African! You go Irene! Be blessed! Hopefully we can all stand together and help Irene (and others like her) in the process! Esme – Vaal Triangle Gauteng

  45. This is most heartbreaking for me to see a young woman like Itrene having to suffer deprivation like she is forced to do. I am willing to assit her in regulating her life. I would like her to contact me directly 0829617502 Bernard Leigh du Plessis Stilbaai.

    • As I said to Tommy above, I am the one who decided to do something about Irene. I run a private charity in the USA and when I met Irene on a tour of the camps while I was lecturing in South Africa, I knew I had to do something. So I let my own worldwide community know about her with this story and we raised money to keep her running. Now it looks like people in South Africa are also ready to help. So thanks. I have asked Luzette who lives in Kroonstad to contact you. She runs everything I do in South Africa.

  46. Wow, so great to read about this girl who has got nothing, but is still thankfull everyday. We need to be more greatfull to what we have and not to take everything for granted. I salute you Irene and pray for you to be a true champion one day, although you are one in my opinion already. May God bless you and your family.

    • Dear Tommy,
      I will ask Luzette, who runs all of At God’s Table efforts in South Africa, to contact you. I live in Orlando, FL, USA and won’t be back to South Africa until August. Thanks for your willingness to help a fellow countrywomen. She is quite a wonderful girl. Skip Moen, Ph.D.

    • In South African newspaper

    • Its a shame. A lot of people want to help but don’t know how. We need some leadership that provides confidence peoples money will get to Irene.

      • Don’t worry Martin, since all the information you are looking for has been on the site for a few days already there is nothing more you will need to know. I also believe that Irene has already been helped so no need for anyone to send anymore money. We did not intent for her or anyone connected to her to become millionaire’s . So with all your concerns you can now rest easy and save your money for a trip to the mall. We have already helped Irene as best we could Thank you. I hope that will make you feel better, and restore your confidence in people a little more.

        • Thank you for getting back to us Martin, anyone who can say sorry is a good man. I also sometimes say something and later find out I just said it wrong, yet it got me in trouble too. But thanks we want to build friends here so I am also sorry for my answer, let shake hands and be friends.