Fridays Likileake About Our fear of the dentist


This Likileake Talks About our fear of the dentist justified?


stooges-dentist-2Is our fear of the dentist justified: I have heard of sedation dentistry for years.  It makes sense that if you are going to have a root canal or a tooth extracted or even filled, that waking up and finding that all the work is finished is far better than hearing that dentist drill. 

I do feel however that a lot of people are carrying sedation dentistry to an extreme.  Can you believe the number of people now asking to be sedated before the dental hygienist starts the cleaning? 

It is true we now have many dentists that will gladly put you to sleep before cleaning your teeth.  I just had my teeth cleaned and other than that gritty stuff they use to polish your teeth with, there was no pain. 

I do understand some people have a fear of the dentist.  It is no different than any other phobia. Being put to sleep just so you can get your teeth cleaned however is in my opinion carrying the whole idea of sedation dentistry to a level it was not intended for. 


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