Thursdays Likileake News Making Bang or bangs?


This Likileake Talks About Bang or bangs?


400565_10151055618438316_194799724_nBang or bangs: I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing about Michelle Obama’s bangs.  Ever since when, does changing a hair style mean that it should be National news coverage?  The constant focus on her hair, who designed her dresses, and when and where she rolls her eyes, is not what I want to know about. 

There are news worthy stories going on every minute of the day on a worldwide scale that never get mentioned in the nightly news.  The media will take a video clip and put it in a loop and play it over and over until it gets sickening to watch it. 

I have never seen any coverage on all the problems going on in South Africa between the blacks and the whites.  Why is that?  People are being murdered every day in that part of the world and hardly anyone here in the United States even knows about it.  I am not a politician and don’t want to be one but there appears to be a lot of politics going on here. 

How can a genocide be going on with innocent people being killed every day and no news coverage about it?  I realize the nightly news has to get a lot of subjects talked about in a very short time period.  I just wish the editors would take a visit over to South Africa and take a look at what is going on over there before they decide if it is or isn’t news worthy.


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  1. Amen to that…these poor people are now denied jobs…because they are white 🙁