Open Letter for Publication To Frans Maritz April 4


Open Letter for Publication To Frans Maritz and Wildhorse Entertainment: Wriiten by Marty Martel April 4, 2013

Sometimes in my daily workload in the music industry I forget who makes my day easier and more successful, and I automatically think that the ones that do so much for so many of us, know that we appreciate their commitment and passion for our business, and that is why they are always there to be of assistance. My friend Frans and his company Wildhorse Entertainment have been one of greatest support system for the country music industry, and all music genre’s since he has come on the scene, and I was sitting here thinking how much I owe to this man and the unselfish time that he gives to all of the great country DJ’s, all of the indie artists (“some” who never give thanks to anyone because everything is supposed to be free for them), publicists, managers, and talent agents. He is in tune with the news, the music, the artists, and the DJ’s and it is all worldwide, so that is why this man is so important and we all owe him a vote of thanks.

martySThis small token of appreciation Frans is to thank you for all you do and continue to do, never asking for thanks, never skirting away from the pro’s and con’s of the music industry, and always there with time for all of us who need the support you give to make sure our business is given all of the promotion it needs to make it successful. I think sometimes many in our industry forget that the Fran’s Maritz’s of the industry have a business and we have to keep our doors open with work from the industry. I have watched many companies have to close their doors because everything they were doing was free and it really should have been something that was a job for us to do and get paid for. I know Frans is thankful as I am for being able to be of assistance for many in our music industry, but company’s do not stay functional unless their employee’s are paid for their work.

To you Frans I extend my sincerest thank you and gratitude for all of the great support you have given me and both of my companies as you continue to help make the country music stronger and to see more new artists have the opportunity to be successful by using our services to move forward in their careers.

Frans Maritz is one of the most unselfish men I have come to know and respect since our association began months ago. He is the real deal, and we need him to be able to continue to work for us with his news, his expertise, his comments to help the industry, and his undying support and passion for country music.

Thank you Frans, thank you.

Marty Martel


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  1. The only thing I can add to this Beautiful Compliment to FRANS MARITZ is “DITTO! DITTO! & DITTO”!!!!
    He definitely is a GIVER. Thank you Frans for all you do.

  2. Marty has said it all in this article. Frans and Cathy are unselfish people and deserve the very best life has to offer.
    Keith Bradford – Likileakes Radio Show

  3. Frans is one of my favorite people that I’ve ever known. I agree with all Marty, Rhon & Steve wrote and just want to
    add that I, too, am very grateful for all Frans has done for me and all the independent artists and promoters. There
    is no one who does more and he deserves all the praise any of us give him. He and Cathy have our love, but also need our prayers since they live in a country where murder and crime seem to be ‘the norm’! May God continue to bless all they do and keep them safe!! Hugs & prayers, JudyWelden

  4. I was first introduced to Frans a couple of years ago and we quickly became friends. I have continued to support Wildhorse and regularly advertise on the site. Frans has always went above and beyond in everything he has done for me.There have been times he has featured articles about my music and the first I would become aware of them was when I saw them posted. He contacted the “Rodeo Girls” for me and produced videos which he posted on his site as well as on Utube.He truly is an unselfish person who devotes himself to helping us artists.
    Steve Adkins

  5. Marty I am in full agreement with the beautiful letter of praise for Frans. Hopefully many will respond, and realize the unbelievable time he gives to help others. He like the rest of most of the music industry needs money, and it is just so long that he or anyone can go on helping people without some kind of payment. While I have your ear Marty congratulations on both your companies, and the professional way you are handling them. I like your columns on Frans site… keep up the good work, and may God smile strong on you and your family and careers. Rhon and Bob Scheuerman

  6. Marty what a beautiful and kind letter you have taken so much time to write. It warms my heart to read so many nice things being said by someone so well known and respected in the music business as yourself. I can only say thank you and that I will save this letter and read it on days that the sun hides behind the clouds. Thank you it is very much appreciated.