Carrie Underwood Admits to Wee Bit of Control Issues


Country superstar Carrie Underwood might have just a wee bit of a control issue — but at least you always know she’ll be on time. In a new interview, the ‘Good Girl’ singer admits that she’s somewhat obsessive about things like food, cleanliness and especially tardiness.

“I’m OCD about time,” she tells London’s Daily Mail (quote via Country Weekly). “I’m early for everything to the point where it freaks people out. That’s my one — it’s a good thing I guess, but I know it’s annoying to the people around me. I’m on time for everything. If I’m late something’s wrong, like I’ve wrecked my car.”

The singer admits time is not her only obsession. “I’m weird about food, because I can be,” she adds. “There’s certain organizational things. Stuff has its place all the time. I’m not a clean freak, but there are certain things that have their place and that’s the place they have to stay.”

Underwood attributes her fixation with punctuality to the general madness of her hectic schedule. “My life is so nuts, there are few things I am in control of, but those I am über in control of,” she observes. “That’s why I’m on time, because I can control that.”

Underwood was in London to headline a two-day country festival this past weekend — and from the sound of it, we’re guessing she didn’t leave a big mess in the dressing room.

By Sterling Whitaker

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