Garth Brooks, George Strait And A Lucky Drummer


Superstars George Strait and Garth Brooks will pay tribute to iconic music business figure Dick Clark in a special performance at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Clark was best-known for hosting ‘American Bandstand’ and his yearly gig on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,’ but his production company produced the ACM Awards from 1979 on, helping turn the show into one of country music’s biggest annual events. As a tribute to his lasting impact, Strait and Brooks will perform together for the first time ever. The two men are the most recent recipients of the ACM Artist of the Decade Award, which is being re-named the ACM Dick Clark Artist of the Decade Award in honor of the legendary broadcaster and producer.

“Dick helped make country music accessible to a larger fan base and his efforts will not be forgotten,” Strait says in a press release. “Garth and I were so grateful when we each received the ACM Artist of the Decade Award, so it’s only fitting that we’ll be honoring him with this tribute performance at the ACMs.”

Brooks adds, “I commend the Academy on naming the ACM Artist of the Decade Award after Dick Clark. Although there is no award the entertainment industry has that can match the magnitude of the star Dick Clark was, and still is, it is an honor to get to be a part of the Academy’s tribute to him. There may be others who have contributed as much to the music industry, but there is definitely no one that has contributed more than Dick Clark. He was music’s best friend, and a dear friend to me.”

The 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 7 at 8PM ET on CBS.


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    • For Mr. Jerry Kennedy….my name is Rocky Lane, and I am an old friend of your son Mike from San Antonio, I moved to Philadelphia back in 1987 for a job opportunity and have been here ever since, Mike actually bought my old white Ford pick-up with the camper top on it back in the early eighties…it was a cheap gig truck to haul his drums to all the bar jobs he played around San Antonio, when I moved up here I didn’t keep in touch with him, we had a lot of fun back then, at the time I was working at a quarter horse breeding operation out in Marion, and he and his wife came out to the ranch a few times and I think he actually road a horse a few times, it wasn’t long after that Ricky Scaggs hired him, and then I guess George stole him….smartest thing he ever did musically!! He’s the best damn drummer that I’ve ever heard. I was playing around on Google and saw your response to Mike in the background of the picture of Garth Brooks and George Strait and just thought I would drop you a note, hope you receive it, and if you do please tell Mike to look me up when he’s up this way, I am just outside of Philly in North Wales, Pa. I’m in the book…Thanks, Rocky

    • Jerry Kennedy! I was just showing my husband a You Tube video of George’s last concert at Cowboy Stadium. I saw your son Mike & was reminded of those Sunday afternoons at Floore’s County Store when 9 yr. Mike would play “Wipe Out”! I was probably 15 or so at the time & remember thinking that that little boy was an incredible drummer! I can’t recall the name of the other guy who did the amazing Elvis impersonations. The entertainment you brought to Floore’s on those hot Sunday afternoons was always something to look forward to! Several years ago I was watching a George Strait video & heard him introduce Mike as the drummer & knew immediately that this had to be the same Mike Kennedy! He’s done well! BTW, I’m the niece of Joe & Estella Algueseva, who purchased the store from Mr. Floore in the 70’s. Kathy Dunford Neff