Thursdays Likileake News Making The Headlines?


This Likileake Talks About More un-worthy news making the headlines?


breaking_news_animatedMore un-worthy news making the headlines: Are you as annoyed as I am that more and more news that is making the headlines these days is not even worthy of being repeated? 

I just saw that a man is going to jail for 900 plus years for tattooing a young girl.  Not a night goes by that the world news doesn’t spend at least 5 minutes dedicated to some famous star’s plunging neckline and showing too much cleavage. 

I watch the news to learn about what is going on outside of my own little neighborhood.  All I have to do to catch up on the local news is have a cup of coffee at the restaurant on the end of our street and I am brought up to date instantly from the locals sitting in there. 

The way I get the nightly world news is through the television Networks.  More and more stories I am watching has in my opinion no place on the broadcast. 

I personally have no desire to learn about who and who won’t be attending some star’s wedding.  I think for those wanting all that gossip and scandal there is plenty of it to be found in the tabloids and fan magazines.  Leave my nightly news time slot for news that is important is what I say. 


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