Tuesdays Likileake Is For All 1001 Body Parts


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This Likileake discusses  All 1001 Body Parts?


lamaresoapadFor all 1001 body parts:

There used to be a TV commercial for a bar soap that used as its slogan, “For all 1001 body parts.” 

I don’t know about you but I can’t name all 1001 body parts.  I darn sure can’t figure out how showering with that brand of soap will cleanse my liver, or kidneys. 

Then there was the brand that said their soap was the best because it was so pure it floated in water. It wasn’t until many people showed their brand also floated in water that they discontinued those commercials. 

My favorite of all time was, “Aren’t you glad you use,” (then they inserted the brand name and followed it with,) “Don’t you wish everyone did?” So with all of these slogans having been used I decided to borrow some of the wording for my own slogan. “Aren’t you glad you listen to Likileakes, don’t you wish everyone did.”


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