What’s Up With Lady Antebellum and New Video


I have just watched Lady Antebellum’s video called “Downtown” and was very disappointed in the message that they are sending out with this new video. Has someone told them that they are just to goodie two shoes and now want to show the world that they are also bad. I know it’s only a video, but it’s only a good couple of million young fans that watch it too. Most people and young adults will thankfully, realize that it is just what it is a music video. But, and there is always a but in every story. The video shows the world that it is fun to be arrested, and to steal what does not belong to you and makes it sound as if, that is a good way to be cool.

Well before all the Lady Antebellum fans shoot me down, I am also one of their fans, well sort of, but this video is a disappointment and is typical of the chaos the world is trying to create amongst the youth of today.

When we are young we don’t notice all these things that are shoved in our faces and just go out and do what our heroes do and deny that we are influenced. When we get older, if we survived our youth, we start to realize the dangers.

Lady Antebellum thank you for showing the youth that it is fun to be arrested you have corrupted at the very least one young person somewhere in the world, just to prove that you can also be bad. Congratulations to you.

Below is the video and a poll for you to vote if you what to, it is as always confidential and no one knows who you are when you vote.

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