Wednesday’s Likileake So Just How Old Are You ?


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This Likileake discusses What your age is?


kidboyWhat Is Your Age: Did you ever notice what happens when you ask a person what their age is?  We will start with a very young child for example when asked, “How old are you,” they will usually hold up 4 fingers or however many fingers it takes to display their age in years. 

If you ask a teenager the same question they will respond with a number always adding and a half.  Instead of saying 14 they will say 14 and a half or going on 15. 

When asking a young adult their response can be varied.  “Old enough to know better, I’ll never tell, and I’ll be such and such a number in March or whatever their birth date month falls on,” are a few examples. 

When you ask someone 55 years old they will proudly let you know they are a senior citizen and are entitled to their senior citizen discount. 

Finally when you ask someone in their 80’s or older they might say 86 I think.  Of course they know exactly how old they are but say “I think,” hoping to bring a smile to your face.    Your age is documented and you can lie about it or be truthful about it. 

If your number of years is a few more than you want it to be, then think about the alternative.  Be proud you made it this far and oh by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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