Tuesday’s Likileake Discusses Eating and Blessings


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This Likileake discusses the fact that Being able to eat is a Blessing

HungryMan-small-300x200Being able to eat: For a person who is blessed with being able to eat 3 meals a day, it is very easy to take it for granted.  A very sick multi millionaire once said he would give up all his fortune just to be able to eat one day what he wanted to eat. 

The gift of having good health and being able to eat what you want and when you want is something most of us don’t stop to think about. 

I saw an elderly gentleman in a nursing home one time that couldn’t even swallow ice chips.  He had not taken any nourishment by mouth in 2 years. 

He had a feeding tube that was used for any and all nutrients needed to stay alive.  To show you he had never lost his sense of humor this is what he did one Holiday right before he passed away.  He took the cans containing the liquids he poured into his feeding tube and changed all the labels on them. 

Now the cans were marked, MASHED POTATOES, TURKEY, DRESSING,  HAM, SALAD,  and his favorite APPLE PIE.  Of course the contents of the cans was still the same old protein and vitamin drink it always was.  I hope this little story stimulates a thought to everyone of how lucky we are to have our health and be able to eat what we want and when we want.

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