Monday’s Likileake About The Cost Of Prescriptions

dailyleake01This Likileake Talks About The Cost of prescriptions:


medicineCost of prescriptions: I just came back from our local pharmacy. My wife had minor surgery on her left eye and the doctor gave her two prescriptions.

One was to prevent infection and the other was a to help provide tears and keep the eye from being too dry. The total cost for these 2 prescriptions was $400.00 but because we have insurance our share of the cost was $90.00 all together.

This medicine will only last 4 weeks and may possibly need to be re-filled at the same cost in 30 days. How can people without insurance or no job afford this? What has happened to the cost of medical care in the United States?

I know that we now have the luxury of advanced medical procedures and new findings every day but what good is all of that if you can’t afford it? It was just a couple of weeks ago we were watching a very old Western movie and the town Doctor made a house call.

He was given a chicken as his pay. I don’t think any of us will be able to pay our medical bills in the future with a live chicken but I mention all of this just to prove a point.


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