Patty Patrick Writes A Poem For Mindy McCready

pattypatrickpoem02We sincerely hope that you enjoy another world-class Poem written especially for you by our Internationally acclaimed Poet and friend Patty Patrick, for all our wonderful WHISNews21 visitors in memory of Mindy McCready



Farewell, Mindy McCready


Another soul has been broken.

The last word is spoken.

Mindy McCready has left the stage at a very early age.


Ten thousand angels couldn’t save her life on earth.

She decided living was nothing worth.

We do not understand what made her cut her life’s band with her own hand.


We did not realize the prize

she paid for her success.

That she was under so much stress.

And the fear following her musical career.


Why did she commit suicide?

Pushed all her family ties aside?

We think it is unkind to leave two children behind.

Were they unable to give her a reason to live?


Two little angels cry

and say with us: Farewell, Good-Bye.

We have no choice but to remember her voice in her songs.

She now belongs to ten thousand angels in the sky.

And we keep asking: Why?


Rest in peace, Mindy.


© Patty Patrick February 18, 2013

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  1. Good job, Patty, thanks for sharing and thanks for all you are doing for friend Frans. I will do all I can from
    Here to help.

    • Thank you so much, Barbara. I appreciate it very much that you will help Frans.
      Have a nice day and greetings from Austria