The Old Buzzard From KWBC.FM Has Been In hospital

The Old Buzzard Lands In Hospital From Bleeding Ulcer’s

The Old Buzzard had a real Surprise recently as he passed out after Supper. Luckily his wife was able to take him to the hospital where they discovered that Buzz had more than one bleeding ulcer and was very low on blood due to the ulcers. 
Fortunately he is now feeling much better and recovering from the scary emergency.
However he is still regaining his strength and taking it just a little easy, we think.
Buzz regular shows on KWBC.FM will be aired as usual and his very popular South African Country Show will go ahead as planned tonight featuring some of South Africa best country artists.

WHISNews21 and all Buzz’s listeners wish him a speedy recovery

and hope that he is back to normal really soon.

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  1. Glad to hear Buzz is better . and thanks Buzz for supporting South African Country Music .