Rhon's Inspiration Station: On The Road Again


Surprise others, inspire them, spoil them, show you care!!!!

With so much hatred in our world.

With innocent folks and embassies attacked we need to show love more than ever



“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”

Below are different ways to lift up others. When you do the unexpected for someone, you are inspiring them to reach out to others, and indirectly giving them joy and make their day(s) memorable! You also are feeling really good when you reach out to others, without expecting anything in return. A little kindness goes a long way!
1 . Leave your neighbors a note that tells them how much joy you find in admiring their garden.
2.  Shower the pediatric wing of a hospital with inexpensive books and boxes of new crayons.
3.  Go into a lady’s room and post messages such as “You look gorgeous”, “Wishing you a great day”, “God loves you”.
4.  Share the wealth, Ask the grocery clerk to apply your unused coupons to another customer’s items.
5.  Arrange to pay anonymously for a soldier’s breakfast when you see him or her dining alone.
6.  Bake cookies or  bread and deliver the food to a nearby fire station or group home.
7.  Visit a Children’s home and ask the Director of it if you could bring candy or presents for their next event, or holiday. (ask how many children are housed there and age ranges).
8.  Pay the toll for the car behind you at a toll booth.
9.  Pause and give people the benefit of the doubt. E-mail especially, can cause unintentional feather-ruffling.
10. Treat an elderly neighbor with a gift certificate for her birthday for a pedicure or make him or her a special meal. What a great way to pick up their spirits.
( NOW after  reading this I bet you have other great ideas to share, and hope you will let me know them for my next “INSPIRATIONAL COLUMN?
Have a special day and be good to others, and to yourself!
Well it’s back on the road again for Bob and me on Friday, hopefully only for a week this time, have more family members sick or in terrible pain, may need surgeries.
We just got back from 3 weeks away, went to 7 different states to visit family members, and brought one of our daughters with us. As Bob and I get older our family and friends mean more than ever to us, and thankful to Jesus we now have the opportunity to visit them. We serve a mighty God
Miss our music friends!
Pray for those you love, like or know who need prayer.

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