The Mavericks Are Back With A Brand New Album

The Mavericks’ ‘In Time’ Comes Just in Time for 20th Anniversary

Legendary country group the Mavericks have set the release date for their big comeback album. In Time will hit stores Sept. 25, right around the band’s 20th anniversary of their first major label album, 1992’s From Hell to Paradise.

In Time is the first product of the Mavericks’ reunion, after splitting up in 2003, and their first for new label home, the Valory Music Co. “We went away by whatever means we went away and when we came back, we came back with whatever seasoning a human gets in their journey,” according to the band’s Robert Reynolds. “Not only do we ride the bicycle as well as we once did, we ride it better. We are more skilled, we can do a few more tricks on the bicycle. I love what this band can do today.”

The first song from the project is the Latin-inspired “Born to Be Blue.”

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