What Can Be Seen On This Weeks Nashville Seen

The latest Nashville Seen hosted by Keith Bradford out of Nashville is now available to view on Wildhorse Entertainment for a few days only starting right now. This week features some of the latest Country video from Nashville Tennessee including a special guest performance from a Country Star. Click here Wildhorse Entertainment   to view this show right now. Details can be found below:

Nashville Seen June 3rd 2012

This weeks Special Guest 

Brett Allen Morgan

Videos Shown

Sonny Burgess – The More I’m Around Some People(The More I Like My Dog)

Carolina Rain – Get Outta My Way

Little Big Town – Good As Gone

Crossin’ Dixon– I Love My Old Bird dog (And I Love You)


This show originally aired on the 13th of July 2008

and was hosted by Brittany Clark and Aubrey O” Connel

Coming Soon WHIR Wildhorse TV featuring shows from the USA, canada, Ireland, South Africa etc.....

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