Barbara Rainey: Has Her Own “Bill” Of Rights

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“Live your life in such a way that it will challenge your children,
to want to walk in your footsteps”
“Bill Rainey’


More On The Great  Bill Rainey We At WHISNews21 Are Proud To Call Him Our Friend

Bill Rainey Band
The Bill Rainey Band with Bill On The Right
DJ Bill Rainey
Bill as a DJ at K-X-E-N just a few years ago on National Radio out of St Louis

Bill Rainey came out of the log “woods and cotton” country of Buena Vista in West Tennessee. As a small child, he loved the Grand Ole Opry but his father was unimpressed with his son’s unusual talent of being able to sing songs he heard the night before, word for word. Bill left home at age 13 and earned his keep by playing guitar and singing. Life for this 13 year old was hard – playing music with whoever he could get on stage with. For 2 years, at ages 14 – 15, Bill worked with BOB HASTINGS, who had a large park outside of Granite City, IL on Hwy 111 – BOB HASTINGS HILLBILLY PARK. There he worked with some of the great legendary artists, such as, CAL SMITH, JUNE CARTER, BRENDA LEE, GRANDPA JONES, & many more stars. Bill decided to return to Tennessee, but struggled for recognition in Nashville, and wound up working at a cotton farm at Tiptonville, TN. Over the next year he sang and played on the weekends in keeping with his roots in music. He returned to Granite City working as a switchman for American Steel, then as a burner torch for General Steel. Throughout these years, he continued his pursuit of country music, performing and singing throughout IL & MO.DICK CASTIN, manager of K-X-E-N (a 50,000 watt station) in St. Louis, then caught one of Bill’s Shows at Millstadt, IL. Bill was hired on as a DJ at K-X-E-N which started his career in radio broadcasting, and lasting for several years through the ’60’s and into the early ’70’sBill eventually returned to Nashville where he opened his publishing & booking company on 17th Avenue – TONY SCOTT BOOKING & THUNDER STORM PUBLISHING.

Recent Years…

In recent years, he has become a DJ for NBRN.FM in Nashville, inducted into the “Southern Legend Entertainment and Performing Arts Hall of Fame”, rated the #1 DJ in the world, and inducted into “National Traditional Country Music Association”.

As they say… The Rest Is History….Below the History Continues…

Bill Rainey, one of country music’s great Radio personalities is moving in new directions as well as being streamed in over 272 markets with his radio show on . Bill continues to be awarded for his display of integrity and love for true country music. Bill should, in our opinion, be on one of America’s  largest and most popular mainstream radio stations. Bill was the top dog with KXEN, one of the most powerful country stations in the world, where the biggest stars and records were made successful by the DJ’s that worked there, and Bill Rainey led the pack. He knows great music when he hears it, but he is a man who believes in giving every artist the opportunity to move their career’s forward, by playing their music. At this time, the Bill Rainey Show out of Nashville, TN (NBRN.FM), is the only radio show “Encompassing the Globe” muliple times. Some of the stations that broadcast his show are streaming it 3X a day, 6 days a week. Each time the mic is opened, artists on Bill’s Show go around the globe hundreds of times. There is a saying in the music business, “When you are being played by Bill Rainey the world listens with both ears”

If you want to hear the Thunder in your Music Bill Rainey will strike it up for you

Contact Bill at the following:

Office Number: [USA] 931-827-3358 E-mail:

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