Jim Rose Reports ON Bill O’Reilly After Fox

Jim Rose Reports On Bill O’Reilly

After Fox News Fires Bill O’Reilly From His Prime Time Post

FOX TV CAVES TO AGITATORS In 1966, recording artist Napoleon XIV’s single They’re Coming to Take Me Away! is apropos for FOX TV’s latest betrayal to remove its biggest star #1 rated Talk host Bill O’Reilly with a payout worth $25 million. New York Times sets in motion a campaign by left wing Media Matters which pressures O’Reilly advertisers to exit his show. Shortly after Fox News fires 67-year-old Bill O’Reilly, President Donald Trump offers him a post to move on up in his administration.

O’REILLY IS STILL A FACTOR After Fox News fires 67-year-old Bill O’Reilly from his prime time post, he is still a Factor because President Donald Trump offers him a post as Media Advisor. President Trump who knows that O’Reilly’s media savvy is first-rate, places him in position to work closely with Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Information and Propaganda Director Jeff Derpinger to help to improve voters’ perception of the Trump administration.

O’REILLY’S NEXT STOP After such a massive shakeup, where does someone of Bill O’Reilly’s magnitude land back on his feet? Because of his high voltage exposure, all of the alphabet networks are out of the picture. When O’Reilly’s non-compete clause runs out about six months from now, O’Reilly is free as a bird to land in any nest. JRRR predicts a possibility of Conservative media company Newsmax with its TV network (on cable and online), website, magazine and newsletter. Newsmax can use Bill O’Reilly’s superstar power.

 – Jim Rose Remembers Radio [Main picture Hollywood Reporter]

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