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In Need This morning during the Christmas Season

Author Patrica Lorenz: Living ChristmasJesus028

Christmas Eve: A Joyful Noise: On Christmas eve in medieval England, Scotland and Ireland, the village  church bell tolled mournfully and slowly for an hour before midnight.  It was the annual celebration of the devil’s funeral.  Then just at the stroke of midnight, the bells rang out loudly, jubilantly, because it was believed that the devil died when Jesus was born. Tonight, before the joyous bells ring, let’s pray for the lonely, sad frightened people who aren’t having a grand Christmas as we are.  Let’s resolve to find at least one person who needs a good friend and help that person find a joy and peace in the coming year.  Perhaps we can find a way to help them bury their  struggles, just as the devil was buried in medieval times.To night as church bells and carillons call us to church to rejoice   that the Savior is born, let’s shout more than just “Merry Christmas”. Tonight and every day this new year, let’s shout joyfully.

“God Bless You, May I Help? ”  “Thank You How Are You?” ‘Welcome Home!’  “I Need You, I Forgive You, I Love You.”

 Father, help me sing out these beautiful words of Christmas every day in many ways to everyone I meet.- Patricia  Lorenz


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