Ronnie Dunn Reacts to Donald Trump’s Win

RonnieDunn002Ronnie Dunn Reacts to Donald Trump’s Presidential Win

The 2016 election affects every American, including country stars like Ronnie Dunn. The singer opened up about his thoughts on the outcome  and though he didn’t sing Donald Trump’s praises, exactly, he expressed an open mind about the future.

ronniedunnDunn thinks we often put too much blame or responsibility on the president specifically, when in reality there are a lot of other factors at play.

“We may end up thinking he’s one of the better presidents to ever happen. You never know,” he muses.

“I think a lot of it was going to happen anyway. Things like the economy — they’re not in control of that. They can influence it,” he says. “We sit back as a population in this country as most people do, and think, ‘Uh, hey, these guys make all the choices and they lead us down the path.’ In reality, that’s not the case. We do.”

“As long as we remember that, and we stay united, we’re okay,” he adds.

Dunn speaks openly about not fully trusting any candidate and taking everything they say with a grain of salt, but he says that the break from the status quo could be a good thing.

“With regards with what’s going on right now, what just happened, I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to have some things disrupted right now. Change never comes without a little bit of pain and effort, and I think that we’re probably set for that to happen.”

Dunn released his new album Tattooed Heart Nov. 11, surprisingly named for his cover of an Ariana Grande tune (originally brought to his attention via his daughter) featured on the record. The move was a bit risky, but Dunn tested the waters gradually.

“I didn’t even tell anybody that I was interested in doing it,” Dunn tells Taste of Country. “I just kind of took it, went off and hid and go ‘I’ll just go shoot myself in the foot, by myself.’”


– TasteOfCountry

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