Wayne Jacobs ‘Paws Of War’ Now On AirplayExpress

WayneJacobsPawsOfWar750AirplayExpress To Release “Paws Of War” By Award Winning UK Artist Wayne Jacobs

A True Story Inspired by a Stray Dog Named Sheba That Wandered On To An American Base In Afghanistan

International Independent Superstar Wayne Jacobs

Wayne Jacobs is over the moon as he has just received confirmation that he has been voted as a 2016 finalist for the UKCountryRadio.com’s Listeners’s Club Song Award, for his latest release on AirplayExpress “Paws Of War”. This is an amazing sixth time he has been voted as a finalist for this prestigious award and Wayne have won this National Country Music Award for the last four years in a row.

“I like to thank you and your Editors for all you support you have given me in the past” Wayne said to his fans and to the organizers.

A selfie taken by Wayne Dog

The True Story Behind Wayne’s new Hit Song: Wayne was inspired to write this true story about a stray dog named Sheba in a country song, naturally because of his love for Country Music.  The stray dog, Sheba just wandered onto an American base in Afghanistan one morning and stayed. She eventually went on patrols with the soldiers who took an instant liking to her. They fed her out of their own army rations and it wasn’t too long and she had a litter of seven puppies. When the solders left Afghanistan, a charity called “Guardians of Rescue” paid to have all eight dogs flown to JFK airport in the USA where seven of  the soldiers from the base were each given one of Sheba’s puppies

Tom Manche “Paws Of War” Producer

Wayne was so excited about recording Paws Of War” that he had it produced in Nashville by one of Nashville’s top music producers, Tom Manche. DJ’s and Radio Stations worldwide can download now download, “Paws Of War” at AirplayExpress.com by clicking on the, “Paws Of War” AirplayExpress Release banner or right here and scroll down to the Title.

Wayne is very extremely excited and pleased to have been given the opportunity to perform,”Paws Of War” live on the radio at the ceremony. “How cool is that, You also get a meal, a three-course celebratory dinner that will be free of charge.” Wayne Jacobs

Radisson Blu Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel

UKCountryRadio.com’s Listeners’s Club Song Award’s: The final takes place on Saturday 3rd September at the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport, DE74 2TZ in the United Kingdom.

Everyone attending the Birthday Party and Awards Ceremony will be able to vote for their favourite song at the Awards Ceremony. The votes on the night will be added to those received in the first round of online voting to determine the overall winner, which will be announced on the night.

image004If you are a fan of our International independent Superstar Wayne Jacobs you could support him by purchasing your own ticket right here right now http://www.ukcountryradio.com/birthday.php

We at Wildhorse Entertainment wish all the artists the best of luck and especially our Independent Superstar Wayne Jacobs on the night of the UKCountryRadio.com’s Listeners’s Club Song Award’s final.

– WHISNews21 (2016)

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