Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday July 8, 2016


July 8, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1527


ATTRACTIVE NEWS ANCHOR LEAVES THE DESK Longtime Cumulus Media-Little Rock, AR Newsradio KARN FM (102.9) news anchor and reporter for 14 years Donna Kelley passes away at 66 in her home Sunday, ‎June ‎24, ‎2016 from natural causes. Cumulus Media-Little Rock VP/Market Manager Keith Liesmann remembers: All of us at Cumulus are tremendously saddened by the sudden and shocking passing of Donna Kelley…an outstanding reporter/anchor with the highest degree of journalistic integrity at KARN.

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POPULAR RADIO HOST IN HOSPITAL Like him, love him or loath him radio talk host Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM is at one time one of America’s highest-rated late-night radio talk shows, broadcast on 328 stations with an estimated 10 million listeners. Art’s listeners thrive on the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Art says he now regrets his many years of heavy smoking. We request prayers for legendary radio host Art Bell who currently is in a Las Vegas, NV hospital for pneumonia and additional symptoms of C.O.P.D.

PAGS REUPS WITH IHEART Listeners have no fear because iHeartMedia extends Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo’s contract to host his daily 5-8pm (CT) talk show on News/Talk WOAI-1200 San Antonio and News/Talk sister station KPRC-950 Houston, TX. Matt Martin, iHeartMedia Central Division President brags: “Pags’ ability to connect with listeners across San Antonio and beyond is unparalleled. He’s able to bring the community together with his unique take on the latest news, and we’re excited to extend our partnership with him.

BOOM BOX MORNING SHOW OUT THE DOOR In September 2015 the WDNC-620 Morning Show debuts with a lot of fanfare as a show that emphasizes local content, heavily use social media plus also feature non-sports subjects, including comedians. At 10 am Thursday, June 23, 2016 right after The Morning Show on WDNC-620 Buzz Sports Radio, each member of The Morning Show is separately told they are fired. The other co-host, Lauren Brownlow, who already is on maternity leave, remains in another role.

TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the first commercial communications satellite begin service? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bob Hamilton July 9th. Ronnie Raphael July 10, 2016. •STEVE COCHRAN longtime Windy City radio personality renews contract with Tribune News/Talk WGN-720 Chicago, IL through 2020. •ED BAXTER member of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame who spends over 30 years on KGO-810 joins iHeartMedia Talk KKSF-910 San Francisco, CA as midday host effective immediately. •KOSO FM (92.9) iHeartMedia Modesto, CA after more than 20 years as Pop-Adult Contemporary flips to Big Dog Country.


•1954 KMOX TV (now KMOV) CBS CH 4 in Saint Louis, MO 1st broadcast on July 8th. •1965 CRAIG MORGAN(This Ole Boy #13-2012) is born on July 17th in Kingston Springs, TN. •1974 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test on July 8th. •1980 JOSHUA SCOTT JONES of Steel Magnolia is born on July 10th in Charleston, IL. •1994 DICK SARGENT actor (Darren in Bewitched) dies of cancer at 64 on July 8th. •2000 LEE ANN WOMACK’s I Hope You Dance begins a five-week stay at #1 in Billboard Country on July 8th. ‎


JACK PARNELL [former Program Director/DJ WHBQ-560] (Memphis, TN) Morning Jim: I remember when WFAA was switching around (WFAA-820/WFAA-570). Very interesting, and I could never understand why the FCC would approve that. You’re right, radio was a great medium back then…pity most owners today don’t know what to do with the frequencies/stations, and many don’t even care. I was on WHBQ-560 from June of 1958 to April of 1971, and loved every minute of it, except when the unneeded (we’d already been #1 for about 3 or 4 years) Drake-Chenault people signed a contract with ALL the RKO-General stations. KHJ went to the top immediately…course they were totally on the bottom when Drake stepped in, KFRC (San Fran) did the same, CKLW, Detroit/Windsor Ontario did ok, as did all the others, while under the thumb of Drake-Chenault, WHBQ went from 25s to 30s to 7s and 8s, never to rise again, except when Rick Dees came over. and then Drake-Chenault were gone anyway. I went to WMC am as PD, did well, until the guy who ran the Scripps-Howard station in Knoxville stepped in and the home office let him program it…I lost my radio interest…I grew up, and radio grew down! JP

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JIM MCCURDY [ex KORQ FM DJ, KTAB-TV news anchor] (Austin-Cedar Park, TX) We had cart machines (the kind you’d put the cart in and pull back the engage handle) Then we went upscale with Collins cart machines and Ampex reel to reels along with a marti unit for ball games we broadcast around West Texas. We’d have to read the meters every half hour, or at least we were supposed to. I’d usually wait until I got off the air and write in some numbers. I did a lot of rip and read newscasts, and guessed at the weather outside because we didn’t have a window to see if it was raining or whatever. A lot of ad-libbing going on for sure. Those were fun days. Not much in income but did get a lot of 45 rpm and albums for free) Also got to meet a lot of the stars at the time who were traveling through Abilene. One in particular that stands out was Jennie C. Riley of “Harper Valley PTA” fame who brought her bratty kid to the studio with her. Could keep that little squirt out of the records and he yelled and screamed throughout my interview with her.

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LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: Texas Radio Hall of Fame Results are In Congratulations to the 2016 Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees from San Antonio: Henry “Pepsi” Pena, Rudy Rocha, Steven O. Sellers, Trey Ware And, to this year’s SAMMY Award winner our own Eileen Pace. All are most deserving of this recognition.

TRIVIA ANSWER: On June 28, 1965, Early Bird (Intelsat II), the first commercial communications satellite, begins service.

JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/Jay Walker Competitive Audio consultant 40 Plus Years In Radio] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: On my soapbox. When I saw KOA a small 50kw station in Denver filed for and got a translator I shook my head in disgust. First KOA has 5 FM signals in their cluster so it seems to this dumb disc jockey they might have simulcast on one of those rather than steal a translator out of a very limited pool of available frequencies. That was a simple case of theft in my opinion.

RACHEL MADDOW (April 1, 1973 – p) I loved being on the radio. Being paid to talk? It’s like being paid to eat.

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