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Nashville It’s Country Music You’re Selling Not Nude Country

What Would Hank Williams Senior or Roy Acuff Think of this Music City Attraction

Is Nashville Selling Sex Or Music I am Confused
Is Nashville Selling Sex Or Music I am Confused

The Music City Ghost [File #33] 2015: One of the attractions on Music Row that never ceases to amaze me is the Musica which is a bronze statue that sits in a grassy knoll at the center of a traffic rotary where Division Street meets 16th Avenue North, known as the Music Row Roundabout or Buddy Killen Circle, across from Owen Bradley Park in the Music Row area of Nashville, Tennessee.   Tourists flock to this site to have their picture taken with this spectacle.  Personally if I was to have my picture taken with a statue I would rather pose next to Chet Atkins or Minnie Pearl. “Music Row” used to be a strip of car and country music museums and souvenir shops. Now it’s become “renewaled” into Nashville’s boring trendy coffee bar district — with one mildly amusing exception. In 2003 “Musica” was erected in the Music Row Roundabout: nine larger-than-life nudes cavorting and floating up to 40 feet in the air. At the apex, a naked woman holds aloft a tambourine.  I can’t help but wonder what Hank Williams Senior or Roy Acuff would think of this Music City attraction.

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