Ed “White Tiger” Begley From Ohio USA New Champ

Ed “The White Tiger” Begley Fighting To Raise Awareness Of the murders of Boers in South Africa

Ed Begley who has since the fight been called by various affectionate names as, ‘The Hammer”, “The White Tiger”, The Rhodesian Nightmare”, ‘The Rebel Boer” and a few more. It is not sure which of the nicknames will stick but time will surely sort that out for us. Ed’s victory was also due to the professional help of Joe Hornsby his trainer and team at Pleasant Avenue Boxing Academy.

Ed’s very worthy opponent “Brandon Spelman” an MMA Heavy Weight Champion was probably also overwhelmed by the overwhelming support ED had from the huge crowd at the “Pleasant Valley Venue Arena” it must have been a little imitating for him as the crowd was 98 percent behind Ed all the way.

Ed Begley,” Thanks to everyone, I was fighting for my friends in South Africa, my wife Patty, Corrie Sanders The Sniper, and every white African that has been raped or murdered in South Africa, this victory was given to me by God for them!”

Social Media Comment: Life in South Africa is cheap and like the exchange rate in South Africa being devalued by the day, there are no guarantees whatsoever for whites in South Africa that they will live a long and peaceful life in the country they made their home hundreds of years ago before 90% of the blacks arrived in the same territories.

 – WHISNews21

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