You’ve Just Gotta Love The New South Africa


This was on South African National TV NEWS SABC 2
You’ve just got to love this new SA!!

In a new initiative to advance racial integration in South Africa, the ANC government has proposed a bill to Parliament which states that all Angus Buchan’s “Mighty Men” conferences must be representative of the population of South Africa. The proposal includes legislation that will force the sellers of these tickets to first sell 70% of all tickets to native Africans, before any tickets may be sold to whites/settlers.

Mrs Beauty Kumalo, (proud to be a black) Chairperson of Africans for Jesus, has commended the initiative by the ANC government. “Too long real South Africans (blacks) have been excluded from having the same privileges as the whites in serving our Lord Jesus Christ from Nazareth (now relocated to heaven). Apartheid has given the white man better churches, Bibles, and theologians which gives them an unfair advantage of reaching heaven. We require equal rights for all Christians. We are tired of the racist white man trying to keep us out of heaven.”

This is the best I’ve heard in months! And she’s in GOVERNMENT

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