Fans Create Human Chain of Love for Randy Travis

The power of prayer, Randy Travis now at home recovering, before prayers lying in hospital dying

Fans Create ‘Human Chain of Love’ for Randy Travis During George Jones Tribute Concert

GeoJonesFinalConcertFriday night’s (Nov. 22) Playing Possum: The Final No Show concert was all about George Jones, except for a few minutes in the middle that were dedicated to beleaguered singer Randy Travis. Actor Jon Voight took the stage to ask fans to create a human chain of love for the ‘Tonight I’m Playing Possum’ singer, who was a longtime friend to Jones.
Voight revealed Travis is “going through a great challenge as we speak,” according to the Tennessean‘s Jessica Bliss, who live-blogged from the show.
“As we know the most important thing, the most important thing to a person’s recovery is their will to recover, and I feel that with all our love and prayers Randy will receive that energy and perhaps, perhaps a miracle may be shown,” he told the audience.
Voight then asked everyone in attendance to grab the hand of the person beside them and shout “Randy” over and over again, adding, “He’s not too far away from here, he can probably hear us from this building.”
The sold out Bridgestone Arena crowd then shouted, “We love you” to Travis before a break for intermission.
There haven’t been any official updates on Travis’ condition since he was released from the hospital in July, although Sammy Kershaw revealed that the troubled singer had developed pneumonia in August, and Billy Ray Cyrus said Travis still needs prayers in early October. All previous updates and news posts from Travis’ official website were recently deleted.
Tabloid rumors have dominated headlines in the last month, with anonymous sources claiming Travis is paralyzed on his right side, leaving him unable to walk and barely able to speak. The National Enquirer claims he’s in a wheelchair, wearing a helmet to protect his skull after surgery. Travis’s publicity team has not responded to requests for an update or a refutal of the tabloid claims, including one reported to be from the singer’s father, saying he may never perform again.
“We all love you, Randy, and we wish you a speedy recovery,” Voight furthered, echoing the voice of country music as a whole. “God bless.”
Travis performed ‘Amazing Grace’ at George Jones’ funeral. He later released ‘Tonight I’m Playing Possum’ to radio. The ‘Three Wooden Crosses’ singer was admitted to the hospital on July 7 and suffered a stroke days later.
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