Only White Woman and White Males Are Car Thieves


According to pictures displayed on AOL, only what appears to be a White woman and White men break into cars on Labor Day, in my Opinion AOL is targeting a future minority her and therefore this could be racist ? I am offended by this as I am a law abiding White Male, now every black person will lock their car when I approach them. AOL what are you doing ?

Labor Day Is One Of The Most Popular Days For Car Thieves

A White Burglar prying car window open with crowbar on AOL
A White Woman or perhaps a young white male, Burglar prying car window open with crowbar on AOL

Labor Day is one of the top five holidays of the year for stolen vehicles, according to data from the National Crime Bureau. In 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, these five holidays combined saw a remarkable 10,543 thefts.
Holidays are popular days for car thieves because people are out celebrating or engaging in leisure activities. Often, people travel to parties and leave their cars on dark streets overnight. Or they go to parks or lakes and leave their car unattended in a secluded spot for hours at a time.
A few simple preventative measures can greatly reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen over this weekend. Inilex, a provider of aftermarket telemetry solutions for vehicles, including stolen vehicle recovery systems, offered some advice for Labor Day revelers:
1. Take a cab both to and from your Labor Day BBQ, rather than leaving your car at your destination and cabbing it home. Your car is much more likely to be stolen if it’s sitting on a dark street all night.
2. Many Labor Day activities, like boating or hiking, are set in secluded areas, often miles away from your car. If you’re going to a destination like this, consider parking your car in a secure lot and then getting dropped off, or walking or busing to your activity.
3. It seems like it shouldn’t have to be said, but considering how often cars are stolen because of simple absent-mindedness, we’ll say it: Lock your doors, roll up your windows and do not leave an extra key in or around your car. Make sure the car is in a well-lit spot. You might even consider removing the car’s battery cables if you’re going to be leaving it somewhere for a while.
4. Do not keep anything of value in your car. No iPods, tablets, computers, jewelry, etc. It’s an open invitation for thieves, and car insurance won’t cover these items if they’re stolen.
5. Consider purchasing a GPS-enabled device that can instantly track your car, in case your car is stolen. Modern devices allow you to find your car in the process of being stolen, rather than after it’s been stripped for parts. Having one can also reduce your insurance premium.
In 2011, 1,977 cars were stolen on Labor Day. Taking some simple precautions will greatly reduce the risk of your car becoming part of that statistic.

What precautions should we take AOL? Should we keep white people away from our cars ?

I googled car thefts in America by race and found this I think it was in North Carolina only







The truth may hurt many people but it is always better to speak it, no matter what you are afraid of. Life cannot be lived by making believe, and hiding the truth.

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  1. true I’m locking my stuff up , don’t want no cracker stealing my wheels lol just kidding but true …valid point