Fridays Likileake About 0 to card in 60 seconds


This Likileake Talks About 0 to card in 60 seconds?


creditcards0 to card in 60 seconds: I got my first credit card when I turned 21 years old.  I thought I was in high cotton carrying around a piece of plastic with a $500 credit limit on it.  I remember filling out the application form that included proof of income and waiting 4 weeks for it to finally arrive in the mail.  I just saw an ad that read zero to card in sixty seconds.

You click on the on line site and in one minute after answering less than 10 questions you have a credit card on it’s way to you.  Is it any wonder people are in debt with credit this easily available?  I remember borrowing $5 from my father so I could take my girl friend to the carnival.  It seems like the work I had to do to pay it back took months but it was really only 2 weeks.  I wonder how long those people receiving this new instant credit card will take to pay off their debt?

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