Tuesdays Likileake wants know if we Have a litter?

dailyleake06If you have a local radio station that you think would be interested in broadcasting the daily Likileakes then send us the information and we will be sure to contact them.

This Likileake wants know if we Have a litter?


barrow%20001Have we got a litter: A young couple living in the south was trying their best to make a living.  They had one sow and wanted a litter of pigs so they could fatten them up and sell them for a profit.

Billy Bob heard of a neighbor farmer who had a service for $10 so he loaded up his sow in a wheel barrow and took her down the road to the neighbors house, paid the man his $10 and waited a while then put the sow back in the wheel barrow and took her home and put her in the barn.

The next morning he went out and looked and there was no litter so he loaded up the sow in the wheel barrow again went on down the road, paid the man his $10 waited a while, loaded up that sow in the wheel barrow wheeled her back home, put her in the barn, woke up the next morning, still no litter.

His wife hollered out the screen door,  the following morning“Well do we have a litter?”  He said no but that sow is in the wheel barrow ready to go again.

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