Irene Now Published In National S. African Newspaper


We at WHISNews21 who managed to bring this story to the world can now rest as the story has now been run by a South African National newspaper yesterday. Even though we get no credit we did this for Irene, our efforts will go unnoticed but Irene’s life will change and that is all that matters. For all the non believers on the comment pages maybe now that the story is in a national newspaper with Irene and her feet clearly showing you will all believe. We will continue to run updates from Dr Skip Moen, who was the first and only person last year who tried to tell the world about Irene and try to help her then already.

Thank You Skip and Luzette for all your efforts, you are both Heroes.

The full editorial in the Beeld newspaper can be read at this link, unfortunately it is in Afrikaans but it will prove that this is no scam as so many Doubting Thomas’ have questioned.

This link was sent in by Wendy

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  1. No one deserves to live like this in the new South Africa. If we all give a helping hand to some one as courageous as Irene this country will be a better place for all. “Never give up “