US Workers Lost Out: Iron Man 3 Made In China


Global film market is becoming increasingly important to Hollywood studios, so you can not be surprised at the appearance of special versions of movies, rewired for display in a particular country. For example, China will show a very different “Iron Man 3”, rather than in the United States or Europe.

The third part of the franchise follows the adventures of billionaire superhero Tony Stark rolled in China by DMG Entertainment, not Disney, as all over the world. Chinese rental laws for foreign films have been recently eased, but Hollywood is trying to stake out a place for a blockbuster in China cinemas by all means.

Marvel and DMG could not declare the “Iron Man 3” co-production, but instead added some plot elements for Chinese products. In both versions of Shane Black movie, it will be made in China in December last year with the lead actor Wang Xueqi. However, in contrast to the U.S. and international versions, the Chinese audience will see the extra frames and popular actress Fan Binbin, recently approved by the picture of Bryan Singer “X-Men: Days of future past.”

Earlier in China prevailed strict quotas on the percentage of foreign films at the box office (up to 20 films a year.) The film passes a strict censorship, and Hollywood studios receive 13% of the fees – it is two times less than the average.

Thus, the Chinese version of “Iron Man 3” will serve as a collection rarity, which will hunt for film fans around the world. However, this is not the first time that Hollywood movie is changed for release in China. Suffice it to recall a version of “Looper“, which were added some captured frames in Shanghai, as well as the upcoming “Transformers 4”, which will be partly shot in China.

For the sake of friendly relations with the country whose market rent is one of the leading world producers of “Elusive” has completely changed the partially exposed film. In a remake of the film “Red Sunset” first aggressor was listed as China, but it was replaced by the North Korea.

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