Fridays Likileake No More Lawn Ornaments Allowed


This Likileake leakes Stupid Law:

No more lawn ornaments allowed?


outrageous-lawn-ornamentsNo more lawn ornaments allowed: Did you hear about the new lawn ornament ban in many sub-divisions?  We have all seen those colored crystal balls that sit on a little stand and those plastic flamingos sitting in front of people’s homes for years.

Well it seems like the city councilmen in many different cities have decided these trinkets have got to go.  The theory is if a homeowner is allowed to put items on display on his lawn in front of his house that it could open the door to displaying items offensive to some people.

I personally am not offended to see two plastic flamingos in someone’s yard.  The crystal ball reminds me of my grandmother’s front yard.  I have no problem with it what so ever.  My guess is the next rule coming into effect will be no more Halloween displays allowed in your front yard.

God help us if they ever ban Christmas decorations.  Have you had your fill of rules and laws that are stupid?


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A Likileake by definition, is a word describing a story that was never intended to be published, yet found it’s way to the editorial columns of an Internet Online News Paper namely WHISNews21 run by Frans Maritz out of South Africa. A Likileake is not to be confused with the now already famous Wikileaks, which divulges secret government and sometimes harmful information. A Likileake on the other hand is a name coined by Frans Maritz of Wildhorse Entertainment and WHISNews21 to describe situations and open up about information that people think about everyday but never really feel comfortable to want to talk about. Likileaks have become so popular on WHISNews21 that they have in collaboration with Keith Bradford of the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, created short 10 minute radio programs divulging Likileaks to the public. This show is now in syndication to Internet Radio Stations, AM and FM terrestial radio stations, as well as College Radio stations. It is worldwide and is so popular that WHISNews21 and NBRN.FM have decided to produce hundreds of these 10 minute radio shows about the Likileaks and call it The Keith Bradford Likileaks Radio Show.

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