Wednesday’s Likileake With Keith On Bizarre foods


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This Likileake discusses Bizarre foods

Bizarre foods: There is a popular show on television that deals with bizarre foods that people eat and enjoy.  I must admit I am not in a big hurry to try some of the bugs and creepy crawlers that they say are delicious.

I have always wondered who the person was that caught a lobster and thought that creature would be good to eat.  Obviously a lobster is not the prettiest thing in the ocean to look at.

The mere fact that you must cook it in boiling water while it is alive sounds gruesome to most of us.  How about oysters on a half shell that so many people indulge in?

No matter how much hot sauce you pour on them, this is not something I want sliding down my throat.

There are many other delicacies that call the ocean home which I won’t list at this time but a final favorite on the menus of upper end restaurants is calamari. For those of you who don’t know calamari is a fancy name for squid.

When I was a kid most of my neighbors that went fishing at the beach used squid for bait.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat fish bait for dinner.  Furthermore those folks that enjoy worms and snails fixed in various ways can have my share.

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