Tuesdays Likileake Unhappy With Child’s Progress ?


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This Likileake discusses Being Unhappy with your child’s progress?

ManCharacter01Unhappy with your child’s progress: Are you unhappy with your child’s progress?  I recently saw a MOM on a TV talk show complaining that her 23 year old son acts like a 13 year old. 

Although in appearance he is a 6 foot tall fully grown man that is way beyond puberty, his every day actions resemble those of a child.  She went on to list all the things that annoy her about her son’s behavior including not taking responsibility, having a care free attitude concerning deadlines, and various other complaints about her 23 year old son. 

The next guest on the show was a DAD complaining that his 13 year old girl acts like she is 23.  This girl is fully developed in stature and looks and acts way beyond her years. Some of the things that bothered him included her wanting to date, wearing peek-a-boo clothing and a whole list of things that seem to be the norm for today’s teenage girls.  

How can this be?  How can there be such a difference between males and females?  Come to find out, girls mature faster than boys and extensive studies have been done on this subject.  In the mean time boys will be boys and girls will be women.  Aren’t you glad this is the way it is?

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