God Is Made Fun Of And The Devil Is Praised, Not On

So Lady Gaga arrived in South Africa and thousands fo Little Monsters are happy their Queen is here. Well I dont care who she thinks she is after listening to some of her songs words, I believe that real Christians are right about her, she is a satanist. She may be welcome in South Africa by all she has managed to fool, but for me she is not welcome here at all. At least some of the kids who listen to her mucic will not think too deep about the lyrics of her songs. I cannot change the world and dont want to as it seems to me as though everything that is happening is prophocied. Some may now want to argue with me about all of this but I dont want to enter into an argument about whether you think Lady Gaga is a satinist or not. It is your your life and your soul. The sooner she finishes here the better, I am no fan and will never be one of her monsters.

Below are only some of the comments on South African news about Lady Gaga, and if you take the time to read them you will notice who her little monsters are……


  • She is Mother Monster, the first perfect being on earth, she is allowed to do as she pleases. STOP. Ha! thats why she posted this video.
  • Mother Monster is the biggest in the world for a reason!
  • Loser. THIS IS F*C*ING MOTHER MONSTER she is here to save earth how dare you insult her?

  • Gaga is God dont you dare insult our MOTHER MONSTER.

  • I would eat her feces if she wanted to, Gaga is the new Jesus?

  • Is Mother Monster the new Jesus?

    Well if that is the fans she attracts ………. you be the judge

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