Latest Judy Welden Newsletter is Filled with News

I can’t believe I forgot to mention an important part of my Florida trip in the last issue. 

I woke up in the middle of the night a week after I’d sent it out, and realized my error.  

Gary Wayne, my son-in-law, had picked me up at the West Palm airport.. and Amy, my daughter, drove me to City Place in the heart of the city where the Eagle tribute band (The Long Run) was performing that night.  While Gary and the other members of the band were setting up, Amy and I had an amazing ‘happy hour‘ meal at the Blue Martini (lobster salad with two lobster tails and a key lime pie martini at unheard of ‘low’ prices). The next treat in store was hearing “The Long Run” band.  Gary is the lead singer and sings all the big hits of the Eagles. It was the first time I’d heard the band, and totally enjoyed it!  As I said, I can’t believe I’d left that out of the newsletter.  I did however, write about it at Facebook, right after the trip.  Sorry Gary!!  It was an unfortunate oversight for the newsletter!! See below for news of my trip to FL for my oldest daughter, Amy’s milestone birthday celebration (Gary’s wife) +  visit with son, Glenn.
Because of the strong message in LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (very appropriate for the upcoming election) Rhon and I are releasing it again this month as a single on TunVille Xpress Vol. 8 . YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART that was on TunVille Xpress Vol. 6 last month (and still can be downloaded by DJs at ) will be released this month on WHP # 134.  YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART may also be downloaded at Airplay Direct.  If you check the charts here, you’ll see how well it’s been doing since it’s release in Feb., for Val. Day.  Song has kept up the momentum since it had a final mastering with Grammy-winning producer,Phil York, who is being spotlighted this time. It is on most every Indie chart and was to be nominated for a Grammy.  I followed the instructions given by the man who was nominating me, used his contacts to have the graphics done, CDs manufactured, etc . but before that part was finished, he became very ill and is in hospice care.  It is doubtful that he had a chance to send it to the Grammy team.  I just had 30 copies made and am giving them mostly to close friends and family, however **one will be be given away to the first person who sends an email to me with the correct answer to the riddle, found below.  I’ll be giving the answer in the next newsletter, along with the name of the person who sent the correct answer. This one is really tricky, so why not give it a shot..  and send your answer  
See a copy of the CD, jacket and credit page below.  The super graphics were by Stuart Fleming(  Crystal Clear Sound did a great job on the CD manufacturing.  Both companies (also spotlighted this time) have very good prices!   If you or anyone you know is a voting member of NARAS (Grammy Org), and would like a copy of the CD to possibly nominate it, please advise. Rhonnie & I would be very grateful!!
Daughter, Amy’s Milestone Birthday celebration.. Below is Amy, my son, Glenn and grandaughter, Angie (with boyfriend,David Stebbins) who were among the 30 who attended. Held at Gary Wayne’s sister’s (Susan Murrray) home, his mother, Bunny, Joe and members of his band (The Long Run) an Eagles Tribute Band and their wives as well as other friends celebrated with Amy also. See more pics on Facebook. Gary led us in a music trivia game plus he had made a video of pictures of Amy from the time she was a baby to the present time….it was very enjoyable and a complete surprise to Amy.  Her favorite songs were playing  as we viewed the pics.  They live on the east coast of FL (Boca Raton) and my son, Glenn, lives on the west coast (Lehigh Acres).  I hadn’t visited with him in April when I was in FL, so left with him after the party and stayed 5 nights, arriving home late on the 9th.  We had a fun time.  It was too hot to do anything outdoors, but we saw movies, ate out, etc. Glenn is a really good cook, makes things like tasty chicken & fish from scratch, using no recipe!  Also enjoyed being serenaded with his great guitar playing… Self taught, he can play anything he hears that he likes!
 Amy Wayne, Angie Zeierman, David Stebbins, Judy Welden, Glenn Atwell
While visiting with Glenn, I had lunch with my friend, Judy Graddy and we later got french-tipped pedicures and went to her fabulous home, where I saw her fine paintings.  Having met at Edison’s Inventors Assn. when I lived in FL, we sharebeing inventors (mine, hats for the head, hers, toehugs, the first half sock .. getting folks covered from head to toe!),the same first name and along with Dolly Partona top heavy frame:  )  – Judy’s website.
My other single last month THANK HEAVEN FOR EMAIL, is still getting lots of airplay also. Was #11 on the TOP 40 European Chart!  Many folks seem to identify with it and we’ve received many compliments on it.  My co-writers (Ray Lani & Vesta Weber) are very pleased with the results we’ve had with this special song.
I’m sad to say that friend, co-writer and promoter, Rhonnie Scheuerman, is retiring at the end of this month.  So very talented, she will be missed by all those she promotes in particular, plus the music industry in general.  She and husband, Bob, will be caretakers of their daughter, Diane, who has MS.  Prayers requested as they start this new journey.
Thanks to the DJs who played two of my songs for Memorial Day shows:  LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINand also my duet with Phil ColeyONE NATION.  I’ve added a new DJ to my list below, Big Hat Ron.  He played those two songs as well as GRACE on his special .  You’re all very much appreciated!  I don’t know all your names and info, if I’m not sent your playlists from RhonBob, so please send me an email, letting me know if you’d like to be added to the DJ list. If the list gets too long, I’ll need to rotate it every other issue.  
Thanks also to all the DJs who have been playing my recent releases, including the two current ones and also:
 Heaven Backs Me Up, & The Rest Is Up to God, co-written with Ray Lani, as well  older releases.  You are ALLgreatly appreciated!!   
See ya next time!         
  ♫  Judy  ♪♫

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  1. Thanks for adding my news dear DJ Frans! I’ve had a busy two months and have been very
    pleased with the airplay the DJs have been giving my songs, the charts I’m on and especially
    am so grateful for your wonderful support of my career… and all of us Indies. You do a superb
    job and Rhon and I are still thrilled with the video you made for the song we co-wrote which will
    be released again next month and then again in October. LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
    is an important song that gives hope for our country’s dilemma. We’d like to get it to as many
    folks as possible before the Nov. election. You have played an important part in it’s success,
    making it come alive with well-chosen pictures. Thanks again, dear Frans… for all you do!!
    Blessings, Judy