Total Make Over For Country Gospel Connection

That’s all I can say. It has been years since we have put a new face on all that we are doing. We are in
the process of getting a whole new make-over on our 
entire organization.
Everything we do now all comes under the “COUNTRY GOSPEL CONNECTION,”
which includes our different divisions:

Country Jam Radio Network

We have now pulled them all together and are making them all inter-active. You can now see the Christian Country Gospel Top 100 Chart on the Country Gospel Connection wesite, AND you can listen to the “Top 5” sound bites for the current month. We have a place where you can up-load your latest videos & pictures. You can hang out in our new chat room, join in the discussions in our forums and express your opinion on a blog. We will also be featuring five (5) artists CD projects each month, and we will have the “active” Country Gospel Store.
You will be able to join us on our New Facebook Country Gospel Connection page, and you can even tweet us. (I’m not saying we have learned how to do that yet, but we’re trying! Would love for you to help teach us how to make that work for us.) There is so much more that we are going to be doing now. By the way, one of the new features we have added is our membership – which is FREE. And when you join, you’ll be eligible to receive special perks, membership benefits and surprises by signing up. To go to our new website just type in our url like you always have: Then click on a button on the left side of the page, and you can go right to our new facebook page. While you on “Checking out” the Top 100 Chart, you will see a little bird flying around, and if you click on the little bird flying you around the page and it will take you to our twitter page and you can “tweet us.”

Come on by!!

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