Saying Goodbye To Paul “Mouse” Justice


Paul Justice has passed away this past weekend, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s decease. Paul was one of country music’s greatest  fiddle players of all time, and worked with Mel Tillis for 20 years. I was unable to find a pix of Paul at this time. Please keep Paul and his family in your thoughts and prayers. MAY HE REST IN THE PEACEFUL AND BLESSED ARMS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Please note that if any of “Mouse” family or friends have a picture, please mail it to and we will insert the picture here for the world to see, and always to remind is of the great Paul “Mouse” Justice.

Keeping Country’s Memory Alive, as Marty Martel remembers the friends and family who pass through the Country we all love so much

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  1. Paul was a great fiddle player. I saw him a few years before he died at the ROPE reunion in Nashville with Mel Tillis. Paul Justice, as a young man before he became famous, was on my dad’s TV show, “Uncle Josh’s General Store”, in the 50’s. I was told that there were pictures at his funeral in Rainsville, Alabama about being on the show. I would pay to have a copy of those pictures. If anyone has any pictures or information, please email me at, or at Thanks.

  2. I Remember The Great “Justice Brothers” from Hunter’s Lodge in northern Virginia many years ago and boy were they good! Last time I heard Paul with Mel Tillis was in Waldorp Md. over 30 years ago. No doubt was one of the greatest fiddle players ever. He was a true inspiration!! Goodbye Paul and May God Bless! Keith Walters

    • Dave thank you so much for pointing this out to me, I was not aware of the mistake and feel terrible that such a mistake was made. I apologize to all for this error. Dave if you were a friend or family member of “Mouse” and have a picture of him I would appreciate it if you would send one in to me at Thank you for taking the time to correct me, I am truly grateful that you did.