Bradford Files: What’s Your Name Again

What’s In A Name Again.

How many times have you been introduced to someone and only 10 minutes later you have to say, “What’s your name again?” Or have you ever gone to a party or musical function and people are coming up to you left and right and saying hi and calling out your name and you have to reply, “Hi guy or How are you girl” simply because you can’t remember their name? Here is a quick and easy method I use to help me remember their name. The second I am introduced to someone new for example Bill, I immediately think of the most ridiculous picture of a bill my mind can think of. It can be the bill on a duck, or a giant $100 bill. The point is the more ridiculous a picture you think of the more you will remember that person’s name the next time. Some names are easier than others and you will have to practice. I can guarantee you the sweetest sound to anyone’s ears is the sound of their name. The sooner you can call out that person’s name the sooner you will see the sweet fruits of your labor.

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